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3 Easy Steps On How To Buy U.S. Stocks: A Beginner’s Guide

Steps To Buy Stocks
3 Easy Steps To Buy Stocks. (Photo: Motley)

Here are the three (3) easy steps on how to buy U.S. stocks through a broker online. Always make sure that you choose the right stocks at the right time.

Everyone has the capacity and ability to buy U.S. stocks, but not everyone knows how to choose and when to buy a stock. With the market volatility caused by the pandemic, many investors, especially beginners, sell their stocks at low prices. This led them to profit loss and this is called “panic selling”.

According to an article published in Fortune Builders, a proven strategy is always to “Buy Low, Sell High”. What does this mean? This means that you have to buy the stock if its market value is low or if it turns red. After you positioned yourself at a low amount, just wait for the time that it will increase then “buy”. Remember also not to be greedy. A small gain is still a profit after all.

Steps To Buy Stocks

3 Easy Steps To Buy Stocks. (Photo: Motley)

To help you choose the right broker and buy U.S. stocks, here are the 3 easy steps that you can follow according to an article published in Nerd Wallet:

Select a Legit Online Stockbroker

Trading today has become easier because of technology. Unlike before, it is very unusual to buy a stock due to the limited brokerage but technology made it easier by creating different platforms. Through this, you can now buy a stock even in the amount of $1.

However, you need to make sure that the broker or the platform you are choosing is legit and performing well. One of the ways to do it is to make research about the platform and read the reviews. Also, ask for help from your friend who knows about the platform.

Research the Stocks You Want To Buy

The main reason why you make an investment by buying U.S. stocks is to gain profit. In reality, investing in stocks is not a guarantee that you will become rich or wealthy. Sometimes many get frustrated because of their losses in stocks.

Do you know what’s the problem? This is because due to a lack of research. Before you buy a product, you have to first do research about the stock and look into its portfolio, how it performs in the past few quarters, what are the analysis of the strategists and economists. Remember to always do research before buying a stock.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Do not focus your stocks on one industry. If you have enough budget, you have to buy stocks from different industries like technology, fintech, entertainment, gaming, and more. This will help you increase the chance of gaining profit.