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3 Best Stocks To Buy and Watch

U.S. Stocks
U.S. stocks to watch and buy. (Photo: Yahoo Finance)

U.S. stocks are now becoming more vulnerable due to the effect of the pandemic and an investor should wisely choose where to invest to ensure profitability.

Aside from the negative impact of the pandemic on the economy, there are other factors that greatly contributed to the trajectory and movements of U.S. stocks. These are the increasing inflation, the aggressive hike rates of the Federal Reserve, and the current war between Russia and Ukraine continues to affect also the market.

Buying a stock is easy because there are thousands of them in the market. However, you need to have extensive research about the company’s portfolio and performance before, during, and post-pandemic era. It will be a great help in deciding to choose a stock.

U.S. Stocks

U.S. stocks to watch and buy. (Photo: Yahoo Finance)

According to an article published in Investor’s Business Daily, here are the 3 best stocks to buy and watch:

EXXON Stock 

According to MarketSmith Analysis, EXXON Mobil is one of the stocks to watch and buy this year. It has a Composite Rating of 98. It continues to rise at 49% since the start of this year. In the same article, EXXON Mobil is considered bullish.

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Enphase Energy Inc.

There is a growing demand for an environment-friendly source of energy today. The company develops and manufactures solar micro-inverters, battery energy storage, and EV charging stations primarily for residential customers.

Enphase Energy Inc. has experienced phenomenal growth over the past three years. Its EPS rating is at 98 and its earnings performance is very strong. Additionally, the company’s earnings in the recent quarters accelerated. It is also important to note that with its Accumulation/Distribution Rating coming in at a strong B+, big earnings could happen.

Artista Networks Stock

Artista Networks Stock (ANET) has an IBD Composite Rating of 99, this is the highest possible. Currently, the leader in its industry and is sitting at the summit of the IBD Computer-Networking industry group. Microsoft and Meta are just two of the biggest customers of the company.