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Texas GOP Primary: Excessive Spending by Abbott and Dunn Reveals Serious Cracks

Texas GOP Primary, Greg Abbott, Tim Dunn, School Vouchers, Impeachment, Campaign Finance

As the Texas GOP primary on March 5 approaches, political battlegrounds over school vouchers and the impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton have escalated into a high-stakes civil war within the party. Mega donors, including Governor Greg Abbott and billionaire Tim Dunn, are funneling millions of dollars into campaigns, underscoring the deepening divides within the Texas Republican landscape.

Texas GOP Primary: Excessive Spending by Abbott and Dunn Reveals Serious Cracks

Texas GOP Primary: Excessive Spending by Abbott and Dunn Reveals Serious Cracks

Massive Spending Revealed

New campaign finance reports shed light on the massive spending frenzy engulfing the Texas GOP primary. Texans For Lawsuit Reform, a prominent political interest group, allocated over $6 million in the last month to support various incumbents and PACs. Simultaneously, a coalition of voucher supporters, state leaders, and far-right megadonors injected an additional $8 million into the primary battles.

Abbott’s Push for School Vouchers

Governor Greg Abbott, in an effort to reshape the Texas House, spent a staggering $6.1 million between Jan. 26 and Feb. 24. The focus of this spending is Abbott’s unwavering push for school voucher legislation. The contentious issue has divided Republicans, with Abbott aiming to secure a majority in favor of subsidizing private school funding with state dollars. Pro-voucher groups are actively supporting candidates aligned with Abbott’s agenda.

Tim Dunn’s Influence

Far-right billionaire Tim Dunn, through his group Texans United For A Conservative Majority, ramped up spending with an investment exceeding $2.5 million. Dunn’s campaign targets incumbent Texas House members who voted for Paxton’s impeachment last summer. The impeachment effort against Paxton, a staunch ally of the state’s right wing, was ultimately unsuccessful, leading to divisions within the party.

Deep Fissures Over Vouchers and Impeachment

The Texas GOP primary has become a battleground where ideological clashes over school vouchers and the attempted impeachment of Ken Paxton play out. The extensive financial investments by key players reflect the intense struggle for the party’s direction and the consequences of diverging perspectives on critical issues.

Implications for the Texas Republican Landscape

The mega spending by influential figures like Abbott and Dunn underscores the significance of the upcoming primary in shaping the future of the Texas GOP. The clash of interests, notably over school vouchers and the fallout from the Paxton impeachment attempt, may reshape the party’s dynamics and influence its trajectory in the broader political landscape.


As Texas Republicans gear up for a pivotal primary, the exorbitant spending by Governor Greg Abbott, Tim Dunn, and political interest groups highlights the deep-seated divisions within the party. With school vouchers and the Paxton impeachment at the forefront, the primary will not only determine candidates but also set the tone for the Texas GOP’s identity and priorities in the coming political landscape.