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Managing Risk: Revealing North Carolina’s Top Ten Most Hazardous Cities for 2024

Dangerous Cities, Crime Data, North Carolina, Safety Measures, Crime Rates

In the heart of the Tarheel State, a closer look at crime data reveals the 10 most dangerous cities in North Carolina for 2024. Through an analysis of FBI crime statistics, Saturday Night Science brings forth insights into the violent and property crime per capita, guiding residents and visitors to make informed decisions about safety in these locales.

Managing Risk: Revealing North Carolina's Top Ten Most Hazardous Cities for 2024

Managing Risk: Revealing North Carolina’s Top Ten Most Hazardous Cities for 2024

Crime Data Analysis

The research journey delved into the most recent FBI crime data, scrutinizing violent and property crime per capita statistics in North Carolina cities with over 5,000 residents. A meticulous analysis of 118 cities brings to light the areas that require heightened awareness and safety measures.

Top 3 Most Dangerous Cities:

  1. Lumberton
  2. Wadesboro
  3. Laurinburg

Crime Rates Snapshot:

  • Violent Crime Rate: 2,400 per 100k people
  • Property Crime Rate: 11,230 per 100k people

Safest Haven

Amidst the challenging landscape, Pinehurst emerges as a beacon of safety, earning the title of the safest city in North Carolina. A haven of Southern hospitality, Pinehurst stands in stark contrast to the concerns of crime prevalent in the more dangerous cities.

Saturday Night Science Methodology

The analysis conducted by Saturday Night Science focuses on providing a comprehensive understanding of crime per capita. By comparing FBI data for violent and property crimes, the research narrowed down the study to 118 cities, revealing a nuanced perspective on crime rates in the Tarheel State.

Community Concerns

The cities highlighted in the list grapple with crime-related challenges, emphasizing the need for community efforts in cleaning up neighborhoods and combating criminal activities. Residents in these areas prioritize the safety and well-being of their communities, fostering an environment of vigilance.


Beyond debates over barbecue sauce preferences or baseball team loyalties, the 10 most dangerous cities in North Carolina for 2024 demand attention for a different reason – crime rates. From Lumberton to Winston-Salem, understanding the crime landscape empowers residents and visitors to adopt safety measures and contribute to the collective efforts of making these cities safer places to live.