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Syfy Renews ‘Resident Alien’ for Season 3, Here’s What You Should Know

Resident Alien
Syfy confirms 'Resident Alien' Season 3. (Photo: TV Line)

‘Resident Alien’ remains the flagship of Syfy and brings millions of viewers across the globe to watch the comedy-drama as the Season develops.

Recently, ‘Resident Alien’ Season 2 made headlines from different entertainment news outlets because of the unique twist that occurred in the said season.

Meanwhile, fans can’t still move on from what they have witnessed in Season 2 and are now so excited to watch another season.

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Resident Alien

Syfy confirms ‘Resident Alien’ Season 3. (Photo: TV Line)

Further, it was reported that ‘Resident Alien’ Season 3 will be comprised of 12 episodes but it is still not clear as to how many minutes will it be for each episode.

Milestone of ‘Resident Alien’

In a published article in DEADLINE, ‘Resident Alien’ is included in this year’s Top 15 most-watched cable series and Top 5 most-watched cable dramas. The same source of the report mentioned that it averages 2.3 million viewers.

Additionally, it has reached nearly 11 million viewers and recently received a Hollywood Critics Association nomination for Best Comedy Series.

With the numbers and figures mentioned above, it is no longer a question why ‘Resident Alien’ Season 3 gets approval and confirmation from Syfy.

What You Should Know About ‘Resident Alien’?

The ‘Resident Alien’ follows the story of Harry who crash-landed on earth. His original mission was to destroy the planet and kill humanity. However, ‘Resident Alien’ Season 2 showed that there was a change of heart because Harry can’t do his mission, according to a report published in CBR.

On the other hand, there is no information yet or plotline released about ‘Resident Alien’ Season 3. This is what makes the comedy-drama more exciting considering Harry’s mission and the exciting twists that some fans expected to happen.

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