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‘Elvis’: Musical Biopic Movie Earns $3.5 Million at the Box Office

The musical biopic movie based on the life of the music legend ‘Elvis’ has earned $3.5 million at the box office compared to other movies.


The musical biopic ‘Elvis’ earns $3.5 million at the box office. (Photo: People)

‘Elvis’: The Musical Biopic

The musical biopic movie genre usually attracts the older generation. This means that only those who can connect to the lives of ‘Elvis’, ‘Elton John’, and others would love to watch movies like these. Hence, it’s no wonder anymore why these movies only earned more or less $3 million during their preview.

Meanwhile, the new musical biopic movie ‘Elvis’ has earned $3.5 million on Thursday. In a published article in COLLIDER, the amount is bigger compared to the horror film ‘The Black Phone’ which was also released on the same day.

Additionally, ‘Elvis’ can now be seen at around 3,400 theaters in different locations. Warner Bros. was also reported delighted about the earnings of the movie. This is a good sign because Elton John’s biopic film ‘Rocketman’ only earned $2.3 million during its preview day.

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Will ‘Elvis’ Reach $20 Million?

In movies with genres like this, it’s not expected that they would reach $50 million or more because of their target audience. Compared to Movies like ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, ‘Jurrasic World’, ‘Lighyear’, and more can reach even more than $300 million because their viewers range from the new to the old generation.

In a published article in VARIETY, it’s possible that the musical biopic film ‘Elvis’ can reach $20 million but not $30 million or more. However, with the number of fans of ‘Elvis’, no one knows as to how far this movie will reach.

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