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‘The Black Phone’ Hits the US Theaters, When Can You Stream It?

The new horror movie ‘The Black Phone’ starring Ethan Hawke started to hit the U.S. theaters but it is not yet released on any streaming sites.

The Black Phone

‘The Black Phone’ starts to hit U.S. teaters. (Photo: YouTube)

Why Should You Watch ‘The Black Phone’?

Most horror movies are expected to be released five months from now or should I say in November but ‘The Black Phone’ starring Ethan Hawke is a movie anyone should not miss. It already started to hit the U.S. theaters and people started to flock.

‘The Black Phone’ is about a series of kidnappings in a small, working-class suburb in West Denver in 1978. Despite this serious problem, there was no curfew and it seems that police officers are not serious to solve this, according to a published article in COLLIDER.

Meanwhile, Ethan Hawke who played the character of ‘The Grabber’ or the name police called for the kidnapper. He uses balloons and hides a canister to knock out his victims. Then ‘The Grabber’ will bring them to a soundproof basement.

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When Will It Be Released On Streaming Sites?

At this time, ‘The Black Phone’ is already released in the different theaters in the United States. People who love to watch horror movies already started to flock to the cinemas. However, there is no report yet as to when it will be released on the different streaming sites.

In a published article in CNET, it was reported that it will have a debut on a streaming site 45 days after its premiere day in theaters. Additionally, the streaming site “Peacock” is said to be the home of the new horror movie. As to the question of when it will be streamed on “Peacock”? that is yet to be announced.

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