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‘Fast & Furious X’: Is this the Final Chapter?

Fast & Furious X
Latest update of the 'Fast & Furious X'. (Photos: HollywoodLife)

Development of the Fast & Furious X has already been revealed in previous months but is this the final chapter of one of the most followed films in the world?

Fast & Furious X

Latest update of the ‘Fast & Furious X’. (Photos: HollywoodLife)

‘Fast & Furious X’ Final Lap

The first movie that always comes to our mind every time we discussed and talked about car racing movies is the ‘Fast & Furious’. It has become part of the lives of the moviegoers who love to watch car racing movies to follow the story of the series of ‘Fast & Furious X’.

‘Fast & Furious’ has so far released nine movies and now it is reported that the upcoming installment or the ‘Fast & Furious X’ will be its final chapter and its final lap. However, it was Vin Diesel who said during a Press Conference that there be two parts to the movie because there are many places and locations they want to visit, according to a published article in Collider.

He also added that it might be dubbed ‘Fast & Furious X’ and ‘Fast & Furious XI’ or ‘Fast & Furious 10.1 and 10.2’. Either of these titles, the movie is going to be done yet and the film is going to be split into two parts.

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‘Fast & Furious X’ Release Date and Trailer

There is not much information yet about the ‘Fast & Furious X’ but it has already released a tentative schedule of its release date. Even though it is not yet confirmed, the first part of the movie will be released on May 19, 2023, according to a published article in Digital Spy.

It is also rumored that it looks highly possible that it will have an exclusive theatrical release following the success of ‘Fast & Furious 9’. This happened because of the pandemic that limited the streaming of the film.

Meanwhile, it is still too early to see the trailer or teaser of the movie considering that they are still also in the early days of their shooting and production. We will all be lucky to see only some of its footage in the upcoming days.

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