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Rupert Grint Professes Love for Emma Watson: Harry Potter Fans React

The Harry Potter film series transported us to the Wizarding World. There were many entertaining adventures and people in the films. But everyone’s favourite was the original trio of Harry, Hermione, and Ron. We saw how Hermione and Ron were made for each other as the story progressed. And their romance was breathtaking. But this did not happen between Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. This, however, does not prevent their devotees from fantasising about a world. Many people speculated about where the two might be together after seeing a video of Grint declaring his love for Watson and subsequently clarifying “as a friend.”

Rupert Grint Confesses “I Love You” to Emma Watson in Heartwarming Harry Potter Reunion

JK Rowling’s seven-part film franchise was based on her books. Daniel Radcliffe played Harry Potter, Emma played Hermione Granger, and Rupert played Ron Weasley. The film series began in 2001 and concluded in 2011.

The film franchise honoured its 20th anniversary with a special reunion episode on January 1, 2022. Many celebs met for a quick discussion and discussed their experiences working together as well as some amusing behind-the-scenes gossip. Emma Watson and Rupert Grint sat down together at one time to discuss their friendship over the years.

They became tearful while recounting how they spent the majority of their upbringing. During their adolescence, Rupert told the Little Women star, “I love you.” Emma wiped her eyes and tried to grin in response. Grint immediately broke the emotional spell by saying, “as a friend.” “Just to be clear for everyone watching,” she broke out laughing, and Grint said, “But it’s true. There’s a lot of affection.”

Rupert Grint’s “I Love You” to Emma Watson Sparks Fan Reactions

Fans couldn’t help but wish that the Harry Potter stars were actually together. “They were made for each other in another universe,” one Instagram user remarked, while another said, “Bro is dying inside because we all know he’s in love with her fr.”

A third joked, “He just friendzoned himself,” and a fourth, “the fact that she didn’t say it back.”

Another member of the public wrote, “He doesn’t mean as a friend, but saves his a**, after seeing her laughing.”

“Lol, it’s a funny meme, but this shit is genuine af,” another user said.

Rupert Grint has been married to Georgia Groome since 2011, and the couple is still going strong. Erin Darke has also been with Daniel Radcliffe since 2012. They even had their first child, a son, earlier this year.