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Legal Battle Over Gilgo Beach Murder Suspect Rex Heuermann’s Gun Collection

Prosecutors have revealed that more than 40 weapons and 10 high-capacity magazines, thought to belong to Rex Heuermann, a suspect in the Gilgo Beach killings, appear to be illegally possessed in a recent court filing in Suffolk County, New York.

Legal Battle Over Weapons Seized from Gilgo Beach Murder Suspect Rex Heuermann

This came to light as Heuermann’s attorneys asked the court to grant them access to the weapons that had been taken from him with the intention of selling them.

In relation to the deaths of three women, Rex Heuermann is charged of murder. Whose bodies were found on Gilgo Beach on Long Island more than ten years ago. Has been the subject of a legal dispute regarding the weapons taken from his Massapequa Park home earlier this year.

The firearms arsenal consists of a variety of weapons, from handguns and assault rifles to vintage firearms. Lawrence Opisso, an assistant district attorney for Suffolk County, wrote the court document. Raised questions about some of these rifles’ legality.

Opisso stated, “Several of the firearms were apparently illegally possessed,” and he highlighted specific violations, “For example … At least 26 unregistered handguns, 15 unregistered assault weapons, and 10 high-capacity magazines appear to have been possessed in the defendant’s home in violation of Penal Law Article 265.”

Legal Battle Over Seized Weapons Continues in Rex Heuermann Murder Case

Following Heuermann’s arrest in July, Suffolk County police searched his residence and found the guns. Which sparked the legal fight over them.

Sabato Caponi, the defence lawyer for Heuermann, asserted that the weapons could be worth a lot of money. “Offer the Heuermann family a brief but desperately needed respite from their financial struggles.”

Prosecutors from Suffolk County argued that several of the guns may have broken New York State’s gun laws. Putting them in the hands of Nassau County investigators for additional examination.

Opisso claimed in the most recent court document that because Heuermann is facing murder accusations and Nassau County has suspended his pistol licence, he is no longer legally allowed to own firearms. Given that Nassau County had suspended his firearm licence, the records indicated that the man had “at first failed to establish that he is legally entitled to the relief he seeks.”