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Who is Mitchell Wilson? Police continue to look for Mitchell Wilson in Connection with Brisbane Guns.

Mitchell Wilson

Police are still looking for Mitchell Wilson concerning shooting and arson incidents in Brisbane. Police warn against approaching the man because they know he is carrying a semiautomatic rifle, and more information about his alleged crimes is coming to light. After a dispute, a man pulled a gun from his car and started shooting, as seen on CCTV.

Who is Mitchell Wilson

Who is Mitchell Wilson?

The pursuit of a “high risk, armed and dangerous” man allegedly responsible for “concerning” arson and firearms incidents from the previous week is ongoing. Mitchell James Wilson, 27, is accused by Queensland Police of being responsible for three incidents that occurred in Brendale, Mt. Gravatt, and Sunnybank Hills on Thursday. Wilson had been wearing an electronic monitoring device as required by the terms of his drug trafficking bail. He is accused of brandishing a semiautomatic weapon on one side of Brisbane in the afternoon before allegedly threatening two women and setting a house on fire on the south side that night, resulting in a dog’s death.

What do the Officials Say?

According to police, Mr Wilson and a man he knew got into a verbal altercation at 2:45 pm on Thursday at a Brendale business. When the argument heated up, Mr Wilson allegedly returned to his car. He returned with a semiautomatic weapon, according to Detective Superintendent Andrew Massingham, the regional crime coordinator for Brisbane. Mr Wilson allegedly fired it “several times” toward the ground close to the man in a “concerning and disturbing” incident. According to the police, the two men engaged in a protracted “life-or-death struggle” before Mr Wilson could reclaim the gun. CCTV footage from a Brendale business purportedly shows Mitchell Wilson firing a gun at a man after confronting him.

Investigation Is On:

Detective Massingham claimed that shortly after, authorities received a tip that Mr Wilson had taken the electronic monitoring device off of him. At 8:55 pm that same evening, Mr Wilson allegedly threatened two women he knew in Mt. Gravatt with the same gun before pulling the trigger. Police claim that the two women are “traumatised” due to being allegedly cornered by Mr Wilson in a dim alley. To wait for them, he parked close by. Wilson suddenly materialized as they proceeded down the dimly lit alleyway, and he gave one of the women the order to get into the Audi, according to Detective Massingham. He went back to the car, got the gun, and threatened both women after she refused. “They both fled on foot out of fear for their lives. They heard a shot fired while hiding in the surrounding bushes”.

Emergency services were called to a Sunnybank property where a house was on fire twenty minutes later. Mr Wilson allegedly arrived at the address with a jerry can of fuel and his gun in hand, according to Detective Massingham. “He had a discussion with a male at that address, and it was clear he was looking for the location of the female from the previous incident,” he said. Before setting the house on fire, he entered and spilt fuel in the hallways and a bedroom. ”. A pet dog perished in the incident, but the man escaped unharmed. Police claim there is a connection between the second and third incidents, but as of right now, there is none apparent with the Brendale incident.

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