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Taco Bell employee arrested in Ohio after couple say they were scammed

On September 19, 2023, a Taco Bell employee in Oregon, Ohio was arrested after a couple complained about unusual credit card transactions. According to the Oregon Police Department, Trevell Mosby was arrested. Customers complained about bogus purchases showing up on their accounts.

Taco Bell Employee Arrested in Ohio for Alleged Credit Card Scam Targeting Customers

Mosby was manning the register at Taco Bell on September 17th when the couple came in to get lunch, according to the police report. Mosby processed the transaction after the couple paid for their food with a credit card. However, not long after leaving Taco Bell. The couple discovered a number of unauthorised charges on their credit card bill.

The couple reported the phoney charges to their bank. The bank then researched the charges and made a decision. That they were created in numerous distinct Oregon enterprises. The couple also reported the incident to the Oregon Police Department.

The Oregon Police Department began investigating the tragedy and quickly identified Mosby as a suspect. Mosby was arrested and charged with one count of credit card fraud on September 19th. On a $10,000 bond, he is currently being held at the Lucas County Jail.

Anyone who suspects they have been a victim of credit card fraud can contact the Oregon Police Department. To make touch with their bank and the police agency. In addition, the police department advises businesses to be on the watch for fraudulent credit card transactions.

Taco Bell Launches Internal Investigation Following Employee’s Credit Card Fraud Arrest

Taco Bell is conducting its own internal inquiry in addition to the police investigation.  issued a statement saying it is “taking this incident very seriously.” They are also “working closely with the police to investigate.” Taco Bell has also stated that they are “committed to providing our customers with a safe and secure experience.”

This incident serves as a reminder that credit card fraud can occur anywhere, including a fast food business. When using your credit card, it is critical to be alert of your surroundings. And to be wary of any strange transactions. If you discover any unauthorised charges on your credit card bill. You should immediately notify your bank and submit a police report.

Here are some pointers to assist you avoid credit card fraud:

  • Take care where you use your credit card. Use your credit card sparingly at unfamiliar establishments.
  • When using your credit card, be alert of your surroundings. Allow no one to see your credit card number or PIN.
  • Keep your credit card statement in a safe place and check it for unauthorised charges on a frequent basis.
  • If you discover any unauthorised charges on your credit card bill. Contact your bank as soon as possible and submit a police report.