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Star Trek Picard Season 3 Episode 10: Here Is The Release Date And Recap Of Last Episode

Star Trek Picard Season 3
Star Trek Picard Season 3 ; image credit - Rotten Tomatoes

Star Trek: Picard’s first two seasons had a noble, if not entirely successful, objective. Twenty years following Star Trek: Nemesis, the series reunited Jean-Luc Picard with a fresh crew rather than merely exploiting nostalgia. Even though Data, the Borg Queen, as well as Q all played significant roles in both seasons’ adventures, which undoubtedly had their roots in classic The Next Generation plots, the show aimed to take Picard to a brand-new, uncharted territory.

Star Trek Picard Season 3

Star Trek Picard Season 3 ; image credit – TVLine

But Picard has gone all out for its 3rd and probably final season, bringing back the TNG cast. The result is a thrilling adventure in the vein of The Original Series films, in which an elderly crew finds themselves eluding Starfleet to deal with a threat that only they can defeat. The last season of Picard represented the ideal fusion of gratifying nostalgia and unexpected character development, layered with interesting new characters along with surprise reappearances from characters who have disappeared.

Star Trek Picard Season 3 Episode 10: Release Date And Time

The final episode of Picard’s third season will air on Paramount+ on Thursday, April 20, 2023, at 12:00 am PT/3:00 am ET/08:00 am GMT. Those who have been watching the show on Amazon Prime Video in the UK will need to wait until Friday, April 21, 2023, in the morning. Now, those who have watched the earlier episodes can follow the plot of the finale, but those who have missed the ninth episode of the series, don’t have time to watch it, or want to watch the tenth episode right away need not worry because we will share the details of the earlier episodes.

Recap Of Star Trek Picard Season 3 Episode 10

The third season has seen several events thus far. The return of the Picard crew from the USS Enterprise-D is a major factor in maintaining the audience’s interest. Agnes Jurati, Cristobal Rios, and the other new crew members of the Picard saw their narratives at the end of the second season while Raffi Torres, the Commanding Officer of the ship during his latter years as captain and a prominent character over the first two seasons, remained. Bringing the old 90s band back together is the main focus of this third season.

The Next Generation Crew In Star Trek Picard

The crew of the USS Enterprise-D, led by Captain Picard, has been this season’s main draw. While Cristóbal Rios, and Agnes Jurati, among the other newcomers to Picard’s cast saw their tales come to an end in season two, Raffi Torres, Picard’s Commanding Officer in his final years as captain, remained a major figure for the first two seasons. Instead, as they reveal a Changeling infiltration within Starfleet, this season is focused on care and piece by piece putting the old ’90s band back together. Picard and Riker are the first to reunite; the latter is seeking a diversion from his tumultuous wedding to Deanna Troi.

Picard and Riker are quick to respond to Dr. Beverly Crusher’s distress call after she spent time working in the remote reaches of space alongside her little boy Jack for more than 20 years and has broken off all touch with her friends. The group runs into Worf, Geordi, and Troi, along with Data along the journey, however, they are in completely different locations from when we last witnessed them. Worf is currently looking for a path of knowledge and inner peace despite his desire to pour blood spectacularly, much to the shock as well as dismay of Riker. When he’s not adoring his kids Alandra & Sidney, both of whom work for Starfleet, Geordi, who has attained the rank of Commandant, is the curator of the Starfleet ship museum.

Riker, Raffi, and Worf also find a 3rd Soong positronic model even though Data has passed away. Data’s new body ages similarly to a human, and is an earlier iteration of the realistic android body that was handed to Picard following his passing after Picard season one. And Alton Soong designed it with the identities of himself, B4, Data, as well as Lore rather than just Data’s memories. The outcome is multi-personality Data that eventually settles into more humanistic Data that can use abbreviations and tell funnier jokes.

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