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Arizona Father and Adult Son Missing for Almost a Month Following Son’s Visit

Nearly a month ago, a father from Arizona and his adult son were reported missing. Authorities claimed that the father visited his son after he was last seen leaving his home.



Father and Son Reported Missing in Arizona

51-year-old Chad Holvig was reported missing on July 11 by a relative. On July 4, he travelled from his Tonopah, Arizona, home to see his son in Goodyear, according to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

In Arizona, Chad Holvig and his 25-year-old son Dalton Holvig have both gone missing. The authorities have noticed an unusual lack of communication from Chad since his last communication with his family on July 6.

Dalton, meanwhile, was last heard from on July 10 and seen. As it has been almost a month since either of them has spoken to their loved ones, worries are growing. The sheriff’s office is actively looking into their disappearances and is pleading with anyone who knows where they are to come forward. The community as a whole, as well as their friends and family, are hoping for their safe return.

According to the sheriff’s office, Chad Holvig left his dogs and possessions behind

Arizona authorities have reported Chad Holvig missing. He was last seen operating a 1999 black Dodge Durango. Concerns about his disappearance are increased by the fact that he left his dogs and all of his personal belongings behind, according to authorities.

Chad was last seen with a black backpack, a navy shirt with a yellow logo on the front, brown steel hiking boots, a black hat and blue jeans at that time. The sheriff’s office is diligently looking into the situation and making an appeal. To the general public for any information that might help find Chad and ensure his safety.

Chad Holvig and his son Dalton Holvig have gone missing. And the sheriff’s office in Arizona has made a public appeal for information. The urgency of their search has been increased by reports that Dalton has a leg injury, according to the authorities. Dalton was last seen on July 10, and Chad was last seen leaving behind his dogs and personal belongings while driving a 1999 black Dodge Durango.

Dalton’s mysterious absence and Chad’s lack of communication since July 6 have raised questions about their safety and wellbeing. In order for the authorities to put an end to this troubling situation and find the missing people. Community cooperation and any information from the public are essential.