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Authorities in Montana apprehend a murder suspect from Michigan who fled detention by taking off his handcuffs.

A Michigan murder suspect has been apprehended by authorities in western Montana. Who escaped custody over the weekend by undoing his handcuffs and chains while being escorted to face charges at a petrol station.

Chadwick Shane Mobley was taken into custody

Chadwick Shane Mobley was apprehended at 6:10 p.m. Monday near Plains, according to the Sanders County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook.

On Sunday, Chadwick Shane Mobley, aged 42, managed to escape while he was being relocated by a private business. The exact circumstances of his escape have not been provided. However, it is known that Mobley was under contract with the private business at the time.

The community of roughly 1,000 residents on the Clark Fork River is bordered by mountains and Lolo National Forest.

Residents were warned to take keys and firearms from their vehicles, lock their homes, and report any unusual behaviour. According to Sanders County Undersheriff Jerry Johnson, it was uncertain if Mobley remained in the region.


Michigan Attorney General Declares Prosecution for Chadwick Shane Mobley in Andrea Eilber Murder Case

After Mobley returned to the state, the attorney general of Michigan declared last week that he will be prosecuted with felony murder and other offences in relation to the death of Andrea Eilber. In 2011, Eilber was shot in the head at the residence of a relative in Lapeer, Michigan.

According to Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, DNA evidence recovered from the murder site and reanalyzed last year showed a match between Mobley and the incident.

Mobley had been residing in Utah, but after being questioned by detectives, he reportedly escaped to Montana. About 70 miles away from Plains, in Libby, Montana, he was first detained on June 28. How he got out of the shackles and handcuffs was a mystery.

According to Johnson, local law enforcement in Michigan shared information about the case with local authorities and the Marshals Service, which helped in the hunt for Mobley.