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Man Convicted of Murder in Fatally Stabbed His Pregnant Girlfriend

A Nevada man was convicted on Thursday for the 2020 murders of his Indigenous pregnant girlfriend and the couple’s unborn child.

According to a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office, a jury convicted 36-year-old Michael Burciaga guilty of first-degree murder, a breach of the Protection of Unborn Children Act, and domestic abuse by a chronic criminal inside Indian Country.

Jury found Michael Burciaga for murdering his Girlfriend

Michael Burciaga was guilty on Friday of first-degree murder. He violating the Protection of Unborn Children Act, and domestic abuse by a chronic offender, according to federal prosecutors. And he was convicted of killing both his girlfriend Amanda Davis, an enrolled member of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe, and her unborn baby, Ezra, by repeatedly stabbing her.

According to court records published by the Reno Gazette Journal, when Burciaga attacked Davis’ three children many times on the Pyramid Lake reservation near Nixon, they attempted to defend themselves.

Davis’ 15-year-old daughter called 911 just after midnight on December 15.  She report, her mother had been stabbed by her boyfriend inside their house.  Her boyfriend stabbed her on the Pyramid Lake reservation near Nixon, according to the affidavit of federal investigators.

Then, three children of Davis’ were moved to the front room of the house when police and medical professionals arrived. Davis found dead in the main bedroom.

Amanda’ daughter made an unsuccessful attempt to defend her mother. She her mother from the assailant with a lamp and the man kept stabbing Davis repeatedly, according to the affidavit.

Further, Burciaga sentence on September 25 and might get a minimum of life in jail.

About Burciaga girlfriend – Amanda Davis

She was planning to give birth to her son in February 2021. According to a GoFundMe account set up by a relative to help Davis’ immediate family financially.

In response to Burciaga’s conviction, a message on the Pyramid Lake Facebook page on Friday made Davis cry.

“Amanda Davis, you are still much missed in the area, and we miss you every day. If only Ezra had been here to meet us, the letter said.”Your family is doing its best, and we are very proud of what they have accomplished,” the speaker remarked.
One in three women have reported experiencing physical abuse from an intimate relationships, according to statistics.