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Andrew Yang Advocates for Universal Basic Income in Denver

Andrew Yang, a former president has been an outspoken supporter of Universal Basic Income, a notion that gained traction during his 2020 presidential campaign.

Numerous homeless persons in Denver have been getting monthly payments for the past eight months with no restrictions on how they can use the money and no requirement to pay it back.


Andrew Yang Continues to Champion Universal Basic Income

When he declared his candidature for president in 2020, Andrew Yang used the idea of “universal basic income” as his talking point. This week in Denver, the former Democrat advocated for the programme.

“I’ve encountered individuals who have gained immediate advantage from these programmes. Yang, who is promoting the new Forward Party, told 9NEWS this week that it is really energising and uplifting.

Yang was in Denver to express his support for the basic income that the city has financed with money from the COVID-19 relief effort.

Late last year, the Denver City Council decided to allocate $2 million to the nonprofit Denver Basic Income Project as part of a trial programme that would extend through the end of 2023.

University of Denver Researches Impact of Unconditional Financial Assistance

The programme to track the effects of unconditional financial assistance. For those in need is the subject of research at the University of Denver right now.

According to Mark Donovan, the founder of the Denver Basic Income Project, “When you approach people and start with, ‘When someone says, “We believe in you, we trust in you,” and then gives them money without conditions, it creates a situation in which they may not otherwise behave.,”

The programme states that 805 people are presently receiving monthly payouts, with some of them receiving as much as $1,000 per payment annually.

Studies show the programme may assist people not just with secure housing. But also with improved physical and mental health, and more than 30 other cities have tried it out for those in need.