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Jermaine Cools Stabbed To Death: Marques Walker has been arrested and charged with murder.

Jermaine Cools Stabbed To Death

After almost two years after Jermaine Cools’ death, the news of his stabbing death broke in 2021, and the stabber was apprehended and sentenced. In light of the life sentence given to the man who killed her son, a mother whose 14-year-old son was killed in a knife attack has made an emotional appeal for action to combat knife crime. After more than a year of advocacy on the part of Cools’ family, he has finally been charged and given a 19-year sentence.

Jermaine Cools

Jermaine Cools Stabbed To Death:

On November 18, 2021, Jermaine Cools was attacked with a machete in Croydon, south London. Marques Walker, 16, was seen shooting before fleeing the scene in the police video that was made public after the incident. Tragically, Jermaine was unarmed when he was attacked and was the youngest victim of a knife attack in London that year. Marques Walker attacked Cools viciously and senselessly, stabbing him seven times. Walker had brutally attacked the 14-year-old victim, according to the case’s judge, Sarah Munro KC, who called the assault extremely fierce.

Jermaine’s mother, Lorraine Dudek, lamented the “missed opportunity” that Marques Walker’s habit of carrying a knife had not been addressed earlier.” She thinks Walker wouldn’t have been able to commit such a violent crime if the problem had been resolved sooner. Furthermore, according to Dudek, when young men are caught with knives, the weapon may be taken away, but they can frequently buy another knife quickly using social media sites like Snapchat. Her remarks highlight the difficulties in combating knife crime and the need for practical solutions beyond seizing weapons. Before becoming a victim, Cools had expressed worries to his parents about knife crime. Sadly, he did not recover from his wounds after being stabbed in the chest and taken to the Mayday Hospital by a bystander.

Arrested and charged with murder, Marques Walker:

Teenager Marques Walker received a life sentence for the slaying of Jermaine, a 14-year-old who was the youngest victim of a fatal knife crime in 2021. Jermaine Cools, 14, was stabbed by Marques Walker on November 18, 2021, as he was sprawled out on the ground outside a south London chicken shop. Walker was 16 at the time. Walker’s bail status was made known during his trial because it was established that he had been out of jail for six weeks before the stabbing death of Cools. Early this year, he admitted to killing Jermaine and having a knife in his possession, despite initially asserting his innocence.

Following a successful legal challenge by the media, Walker’s sentencing was televised in Wales and England. According to the judge, Sarah Munro KC, Jermaine was a “defenseless” victim, and his violent death had “immeasurable” consequences. The stabber has been given a life sentence with a minimum of 19 years in prison, which will be deducted from the time he has served in custody. After the murder, he hid for six weeks before being accidentally discovered during a different search. Walker repeatedly owned knives, the judge said, and Walker presented a risk to the public.

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