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Did Jock Zonfrillo Committed Suicide? Know Everything About The Celebrity Chef

Jock Zonfrillo
Source: CNN

Jock Zonfrillo, a well-known chef and MasterChef host, was discovered dead in Melbourne, and his death has sent shockwaves around the world. You read it right; Jock Zonfrillo’s death has been officially confirmed. Since the news of Jock Zonfrillo’s passing spread, it has been generating headlines and inflicting pain on individuals. Some people think a Masterchef celebrity may have killed themselves.

Did Jock Zonfrillo Kill Himself?

According to recent reports, Jock Zonfrillo’s wife and four children left Rome after learning of his passing and travelled back to Australia. According to the police, Jock Zonfrillo was discovered unconscious on Monday at two in the morning in a hotel room in Melbourne. In addition, the hotel is situated on a well-known street in Melbourne.

Jock Zonfrillo, a MasterChef contestant, has had his body submitted for an autopsy, and police are looking into the cause of death. The department has not yet released a statement to make this information public. According to reports, Jock Zonfrillo was found dead after police were summoned to a hotel on Melbourne’s Lygon Street, which is known for its pubs and restaurants, to check on his welfare. The officials stated that after Jock Zonfrillo passed away in Carlton, they would write a report for the coroner.

Jock Zonfrillo

Source: CNN

He had only been 46 when the authorities declared him deceased. The four children Isla, Alfie, Sophie, and Ava, as well as his wife Lauren, survive the MasterChef celebrity. “Police attended a Lygon Street address for a welfare check and discovered a man deceased about 2 am on May 1,” a Victoria Police spokeswoman said.

Did Jock Commit Suicide?

Police did not find any evidence of wrongdoing at Jock’s death site, despite their assertion that his death was not suspicious. According to certain unconfirmed claims, Jock Zonfrillo may have died as the result of a heart attack. However, as this claim hasn’t been independently validated, we can’t accept responsibility for it. After the autopsy is completed, a formal report outlining Jock’s cause of death will be released.

As a chef, Jock Zonfrillo was well renowned. He was not only a well-known chef on a global scale, but also a best-selling book and philanthropist. The MasterChef judge was he. Above all else, he will be remembered as a devoted father, father-in-law, brother, and son. He had talent and was determined.

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