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Who Was George Edward Huff? The Homocide+Suicide Together. No One Knows The Answer

Who Was George Edward Huff? The Homocide+Suicide Together. No One Knows The Answer

A resident from Riva, aged 42 years, killed his wife and another guy and then gunned himself down. The shooting took place at Annapolis Parking Lot on Friday.

 Who Was George Edward Huff?

George Edward Huff was a guy who killed his 38-year-old wife and another man. He then decided to commit suicide. 

George shot her wife first and then a guy named Petrullo. A police spokesperson confirmed that George and Alexandra were married but couldn’t say anything about their relationship with Petrullo. The shooting took place at around 2 p.m.

Who Was George Edward Huff? The Homocide+Suicide Together. No One Knows The Answer

Image Source – Tribute Archieve

What Happened At The Crime Scene?

A witness, Ira Wrinkler, sitting in the window booth at Mission BBQ on the busy street, asked about what had happened at the scene.

She stated that She heard screaming and a guy bursting out from a restaurant to go outside, and then she witnessed a middle-aged man taking a gun in his hand and starting firing at the White Acura in the parking lot.

He first put a gun at his wife and shot her. Then he pulled out the trigger of a gun and killed a guy next to him.

Then he wandered in the park for a few moments and later turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. 

She added that The Gunman emptied all the bullets when shooting. Police came immediately once the news spread, and two of the three people were declared dead at the scene.

Bodies covered with white sheets could be seen in the grassy area there. Two more witnesses said the same thing about the incident at the scene. 

What Was The Reason Behind This Shooting?

The police are still unaware of the motive behind the killings. They are investigating intensely to reach the roots of the motive.

The country police department spokesperson Jacklyn Davis stated that The Police don’t have answers to the questions.

There are chances of relationship complexity that could have taken place between the couple because of the third person. Yet the police can not say anything with foolproof surety.

The injured man Petrullo entered a nearby store and asked for help. The store owner told the police that the person was shot multiple bullets over his body and struggled to breathe.

He then carried him outside and placed him on the ground to wait for the first responders. Firefighters arrived, and they took him to a local hospital nearby, and he died there.

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