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Erica Hughes: Where has she disappeared?

Erica Hughes: Where has she disappeared?

In Against the Odds, the daughter of Aaron Harper`s murder victim Erica Hughes struggled to recover from a near-fatal wound. She and her mother were shot in May 2006 at their home in Louisville, Kentucky.

After repeated knocks went unanswered, he went inside and was shocked to find the 41-year-old tenant lying on the floor between the living room and bedroom. 

He entered the bedroom and found Eron’s two-year-old daughter Erica Hughes lying on the bed, badly injured and moaning in pain. Louisville Metro Police Department Det.

Who was Erica Hughes? 

When Thomas Barth first saw the baby lying motionless in her crib, she thought the baby was dead. Standard police procedure is to wait for her ambulance, but Erica was shot in the head.

The sergeant who arrived at the scene broke the protocol and ordered the officers to transport the child to the hospital urgently. Officer Steve Kelsey said, “He just got it and said, ‘Hey, he’s a 2-year-old.

We have to move forward and act now. ‘” According to the episode, Thomas grabbed Erica’s bloodied head, and Officer Larry Riley grabbed her by the leg and threw it into a police car.

“The sergeant said, ‘Move as fast as you can, they’re blocking the streets,'” he recalls, “and he said he was ready to deal with what was to follow. ” What happened next was miraculous: she was rushed to the emergency room, where doctors and nurses frantically tried to stabilize her.

Erica Hughes: Where has she disappeared?

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What Happened to Erica Hughes? 

Erica did, and for 10 years, she has been a symbol of hope for her community. From her parades to her hospital visits, Erica continues to spread her message, impacting people’s lives every step of the way. 

We love them,” said former city police superintendent Steve Kelsey. On that terrible day, Officer Kelsey broke protocol and drove 120 miles per hour to save Erica’s life.

Like Erica, he has grown a lot since changing his badge to the Bible and is now a pastor of a new spiritually-filled life. Otherwise, I would be dead,” said Erica.

Where is she now?

It’s just a blessing,” said manager Steve Kelsey. According to the doctor, Erica was lucky, and the angle of the bullet went down her chin rather than aiming directly at the brain. 

After a delicate operation that lasted three and a half hours, Erica was admitted to the intensive care unit. Four days after the shooting, she awoke and started talking to her family.

Doctors said this was a positive sign, and her brain was resetting. Twenty-seven days after being shot in the head, Erica got out of rehab and met rescuers.

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