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What Is the ‘Jeopardy! Masters’ Timetable? Who is in the Running? What We Know, So Far

Where is Jeopardy! Masters Filmed1

Merv Gryphon produced the reality game show “Jeopardy! Masters,” an offshoot of “Jeopardy!” on ABC. Amy Schneider, Matt Amodio, Mattea Roach, Sam Buttrey, Andrew He, and James Holzhauer are among the six recent winners of the parent program who initially compete against one another. First and foremost, because each ten-hour episode includes a few games, the past “Jeopardy!” winners participate in round-robin fashion. Then, each combination of the six candidates engages in fun, with each player appearing once every episode.

Where is Jeopardy! Masters Filmed


The game show, hosted by Ken Jennings, pits players against one another for a sizeable grand prize and the honor of being the overall winner. Like its parent program, “Jeopardy! Masters” is indoors filmed as the competition through several twists and turns, keeping viewers engaged throughout each episode. It seems sense that you would be interested in the actual filming locations. 

Jeopardy Filming Locations for Masters:

Filming for “Jeopardy! Masters” takes place in California, particularly in Culver City. Given its ties to the entertainment sector and abundance of film studios, the Golden State is an ideal location for filming various projects, including reality competition series like “Jeopardy! Masters.” Without further ado, let us inform you of all the places the ABC program is set.

California’s Culver City:

The critical scenes for “Jeopardy! Masters” were all shot in Culver City, Los Angeles County. The Alex Trebek Stage, formerly Stage 10, where the production team is based, is a Sony Pictures Studios facility. Multiple on-lot sites provide a variety of settings, including Calley Park, Fish Alley, and Main Street’s regional facades, in addition to 18 stages that range in size from 7,600 – 42,000 square feet. With all these features, Sony Pictures Studios is a desirable and acceptable location to shoot various motion picture and television productions.

Who is Competing in ‘Jeopardy Masters’?

Jeopardy! Masters aptly features six Jeopardy masters the contestants include Matt Amodio, Andrew He, Sam Buttrey, James Holzhauer, Mattea Roach, and Amy Schneider. Jeopardy! Masters contestants are all pros, with winning streaks that earned them legendary statuses in Jeopardy lore.

For example, as Distractify reported previously, Jeopardy! Masters contestant Amy had a historic 40-game winning streak. Meanwhile, Amy’s fellow Jeopardy! Masters contestant Matt Amodio was winning so much that some Jeopardy fans speculated that he ultimately lost a match on purpose!

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