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An Imam of Masjid-e-Nabwi Muhammad bin Khalil Al-Qari with Pakistani roots passes away in Madina

Muhammad bin Khalil Al-Qar

In Madina, Sheikh Muhammad bin Khalil Al-Qari, the Imam who led the Taraweeh prayers at Masjid-e-Nabwi, the mosque of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), has passed away. Please keep reading to know more about Sheikh Muhammad bin Khalil-AI-Qari and the cause of his death.

Muhammad bin Khalil Al-Qari: What happened to him

Muhammad bin Khalil Al-Qar


Sheikh Muhammad bin Khalil Al-Qari, a Saudi national of Kashmiri descent, had been experiencing poor health for a prolonged period. After serving as the Imam of Masjid-e-Nabwi, he was again appointed to the position in 2019. 

A funeral prayer will be held for him at Masjid Nabawi in Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir, his hometown. In addition to being a renowned reciter in Saudi Arabia, his father, Sheikh Khalil Al-Qari, was a student of several Imams of Haramain. The Holy Mosques announced this news on their official Twitter page:

“Sheikh Muhammad Khaleel Al-Qari, May Allah have mercy on him and grant him the highest place in Jannah.”

Muhammad bin Khalil Al-Qari: Know more about him

Al-Sheikh Qari Muhammad Khalil served as the Imam of Masjid al-Quba, the first mosque of Islam, and held a long tenure as an imam at Masjid al-Nabawi. He was appointed as the Imam of Masjid-e-Nabwi by the Saudi King in 2019, and he hailed from Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir.

Sheikh Muhammad’s father, Sheikh Khalil Al-Qari, was also a renowned Saudi Arabian reciter, and several Imams of Haramain were his students. The late Sheikh Muhammad was highly respected within the Islamic community for his in-depth knowledge of the Quran and skillful recitation.

Sheikh Muhammad was the brother of Sheikh Mahmoud bin Khalil Al-Qari, who passed away last year and also served as the Imam of the Prophet’s Mosque in the Tarawih prayers and the Imam of the Two Quiblas Mosque in Madinah.

Muhammad bin Khalil Al-Qar

Source: Dunya News

The family of Sheikh Muhammad, referred to as the “Family of Quran Reciters,” is known for their exceptional recitation skills. Sheikh Khalil Al-Qari produced three Imams of the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah, including his sons and other notable reciters like the late Sheikh Muhammad Ayyub. Tragically, the father and his three children passed away within six years.

Social Media Tributes to Muhammad bin Khalil Al-Qari:

Tolhatul Fayyād

From Allah we come, and unto Him, we shall return.

May Allah grant him jannat el-firdaus

Ibnu Med

May Allah bless him with windows as he blessed him with being imam of the blessed masjid of prophet Sallalahu alayhi wassalam.

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