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Logan Ries Motorcycle Accident: How did Logan Ries die?

Logan Ries Motorcycle Accident: How did Logan Ries die?

We are very unfortunate to convey the news of the uncertain demise of Logan Ries, a native of Waukesha, Wisconsin, and a member of the Ellabell.

Logan’s untimely death was caused by being indulged in a tragic motorcycle accident held on Saturday, May 6th, 2023 resulted in snatching his life at approximately 5:30 pm.

Who was Logan Ries?

Logan was a tremendously cheerful and optimistic personality with a dazzling presence in the lives of everyone he knew. He will be cherished lifelong in the hearts of his known ones.

He was a man of strong faith who lived each day with a passionate love of life and a contagious personality that made everyone around him smile. All those who knew Logan would miss him.

Logan used to enjoy every moment of his life and cherish them. Some of his “Me time” includes riding bikes, going fishing, hunting, playing football, and listening to music.

However, his friends, family, and close ones were his top priorities with whom he loved spending time. Love, laughter, and fond memories are the legacy Logan leaves behind.

Logan Ries Motorcycle Accident: How did Logan Ries die?

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Logan Ries Motorcycle Accident: How did Logan Ries die?

On May 6, 2023, Logan passed ways in a grievous accident. We are sending our deepest heartfelt condolences to the family and his well-wishers.

Also, there is one more family of Paityn Petersen, who also lost a beloved one of his family in this awful accident.

Please remember Paityn Petersen and her family in your prayers and thoughts as they go through this difficult time. Paityn Petersen reported the loss of her sibling in this accident in a Facebook post.

No further information concerning the accident has been made public as of yet. We hope that individuals impacted by this tragedy can eventually find consolation and comfort in one another’s love.

GoFundMe, a fundraising campaign for Logan Ries

Blake Johnson, Logan Ries’ best friend and brother, has started a fundraising effort to aid Logan’s family through this trying time in the wake of Logan’s untimely death.

The money raised will be used to pay for various expenses, such as funeral fees, medical bills, transport charges, and other potential unforeseen costs. 

Through this campaign, Logan’s family and friends will get great support. Despite the sadness of Logan’s untimely passing, his family finds solace in knowing he was doing what he loved and spending his last moments with his closest friends. Already, Blake’s campaign has raised.

Tributes to Logan ries death

All of his known ones and well-wishers are conveying their condolences to him and his family. 

Alea Marks stated,

It’s unbelievable that you are not among us. It’s so awful to believe as I saw you walking in the halls just yesterday. Deep condolences to the family, and you will always be alive in our hearts.


Please keep praying for my dear friends who lost their son in an accident.

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