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How did Tucker Bushorn Die? A 23-year Young Bike Rider Met With a Brutal Accident.

How did Tucker Bushorn Die? A 23-year Young Bike Rider Met With a Brutal Accident.

A young boy named Tucker Bushorn met with an accident caused by a sudden hit on the back of his motorbike. His family is mourning in sorrow as it is difficult to believe he is no more. 

Who Is Tucker Bushorn?

Tucker Bushorn, a Westport, IN resident, met with an accident unexpectedly while colliding with a motorist on May 6th, 2023, in The 9000th block of N in Jenning County, near the Decatur County line. 

He was a 23-year-old guy full of life and mindfulness. On The evening of May 6th, He was operating a bicycle on the road and was hit by a passenger truck on his motorbike’s rear wheel. 

The passenger truck driver, Shreve, aged 45, was arrested by police right after the incident occurred. Cops are doing further investigation on the matter.

How did Tucker Bushorn Die? A 23-year Young Bike Rider Met With a Brutal Accident.

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Tucker Bushorn Cause Of Death

The loved ones and family members revealed the sudden and abrupt death of a family’s beloved person with heavy hearts.

“Collision on back” accidents are majorly caused due to the distraction of drivers who hit the victim. The actual reason is unknown in this case, but we can predict that the truck driver might be using his cell phone or surfing the internet. This could have led him to strike the motorbike. 

Reading and responding to WhatsApp messages, Attending phone calls, and talking with the person sitting with them are the possibilities of distraction.

Passing through a three feet long cycle can create a potentially dangerous circumstance. 

What Happened To Tucker Bushhorn?

Well, bike riders and cyclists are always considered inferior to motorists. Drivers put them in dangerous circumstances, from riding very close to them to suddenly breaking the car behind their back with little or no space to spare. 

The main reason behind Bushorn’s accident is such a mentality. As truck drivers and motorists are extremely “free” to drive on the road, They don’t see any chance of the possibility of “misbehaviour” with riders.

Tucker Bushhorn Obituary

Bushhorn’s loved ones write the obituary.

“As we grieve alongside friends and family for this unbearable loss, Not enough words can express the sorrow we feel. Accept our sympathies. We wish God comfort you via our prayers.”

The obituary is yet to be made public. The time of the funeral is yet to be decided. 

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