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Veteran Sign Language Interpreter Virginia Moore Died At Her Home

Virginia Moore, a veteran sign language interpreter in Kentucky, has passed away.

Virginia Moore Is No More

Virginia Moore, the veteran sign language interpreter died on Saturday, Governor Andy Beshear said on social media on Sunday. Moore contributed significantly to the governor’s daily coronavirus briefings during the peak of the Covid pandemic.

She enjoyed over 25 years with the Kentucky Commission on the Hard of Hearing and Nearly Deaf and filled in as its chief. In the year 2020, Moore was determined to have uterine malignant growth.

Virginia Moore Died

Image source- Courier

Virginia Moore, who served as the executive director of the Kentucky Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, passed away on Sunday, according to Gov. Andy Beshear’s announcement. Moore worked for the KCDHH for more than 25 years, and she frequently interpreted Beshear’s words into communication through signing at news gatherings.

What Governor Andy Beshear Said About Virginia?

Andy Beshear wrote on Facebook that Virginia was a rock of stability and grace during the pandemic. Moreover, Beshear said in a statement that she taught the value of leading with love and inclusion. On Twitter, the statement read that Kentucky and Andy had a grievous news to share, which was that, Virginia Moore, a Kentuckian who inspired them all to lead with love and inclusion, passed away.

The statement added that Virginia was a stone of steadiness and beauty during the pandemic and he hoped people will join Britainy and him in praying for all of those who loved her today because she helped bring them all together during their most difficult times.

He also said that he will greatly miss her, but Virginia would always remind them of their grief, and they will overcome this, together, they will get through this. At this time, it is unknown what caused her death.

Statement Released Remembering Virginia

The following statement was issued by her while she was director of the Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing: “The KCDHH Board and Staff must convey their deepest sorrow at the passing of Virginia Moore, our beloved Executive Director. Our hearts are broken, and we will perpetually feel her nonattendance.”

Funeral services, according to the commission, are pending. It was mentioned that memorial contributions can be made in her name to the Knowledge Center on Deafness or the KSD Jacob’s Hall Museum. On social media, hundreds of people responded to Moore’s passing.

Kentucky Reviewer Mike Harmon said that she was disheartened to find out about the passing of her companion, Virginia Moore, whom she had known for a long time. She added that Virginia was energetic about her work and its effect on those she made a difference.

Moreover, Frankfort City Commissioner Katrisha Waldridge wrote “RIP Virginia Moore.” He added that Kentuckians will miss her sincerely and her drive for inclusivity, love and enthusiasm for all Kentuckians every day was seen and genuine.

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