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American Comedian Bill Saluga Dies at 85

Bill Saluga Dies
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Bill Saluga, whose brand name lines started with “You can call me Ray” laughed uncontrollably an age of satire fans, kicked the bucket in Los Angeles on Walk 28, as per his companion, Eric Brenner.

Bill Saluga Died At 85

According to his friend, Bill Minkin, who performed with him, Fred Willard, Patti Deutsch, Michael Mislove, and George Memmoli in the improv group Ace Trucking Co. Minkin compared his friend to the brash characters he played, describing him as an icon who was quiet and polite when not on stage. When he passed away, he was 85 years old.

Bill Saluga Dies

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Saluga was best known for playing Raymond J. Johnson Jr., a character who wore a zoot suit and smoked cigars. Saluga appeared on a lot of talk shows, and he would get angry when someone called him “Mr Johnson.” After appearing in several beer commercials for Miller Lite and Anheuser-Busch, the character became well-known throughout the country in the latter part of the 1970s.

Who Was Bill Saluga?

Bill Saluga was an American comedian who was born on 16th September of the year 1937 and died on 28th March of this year. He was a founding member of the improv comedy group called “Ace Trucking Company” and he has appeared in several shows on television, including Seinfeld. Saluga, who was born in Youngstown, Ohio, is best known for his television character Raymond J. Johnson Jr., who wears a zoot suit and smokes cigars.

Saluga was likewise a customary visitor on the Red Foxx Show, and the Gong Show, and later prodded his Johnson character on The Simpsons and Head honcho. Bob Dylan also referred read his “You can call me Ray” routine in his song “Gotta Serve Somebody” which was released in the year 1979. In Youngstown, Ohio, a nephew is Saluga’s surviving family.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the improvisational comedy group enjoyed success with George Memmoli, Michael Mislove, Patti Deutsch, and Fred Willard as its founding members. They opened for Tom Jones in Las Vegas and also appeared on the singer’s London-filmed ABC variety show that aired in thw year 1971.

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