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Lil Boosie: Rapper Arrested By San Diego Police 

Lil Boosie
Source: pkbnews

The San Diego Police detained rapper Lil Boosie on May 6, 2023, and charged him with three more offences as well as illegal handgun possession. In anticipation of a hearing to determine whether the allegations would be dropped or brought to trial, the rapper is now free on bail. The rapper, who was in San Diego to film a music video, was observed encouraging the crowd to shout against the police at a local performance shortly after being freed.

The Charges For Lil Boosie’s Arrest

According to San Diego Police records, Lil Boosie was charged with illegally possessing a handgun and is subject to section 29800 of the California Penal Code. This forbids convicts, drug abusers, and people with convictions from having a handgun in their possession.

The charge against Lil Boosie under section 29800’s felon clause reads as follows:

A conviction under CPC 23515 carries a sentence that might be up to three years in a state prison, a fine of up to $10,000, both imprisonment and a fine, or neither.

Lil Boosie is also accused of carrying a concealed weapon, which is against California Penal Code section 25400. If found guilty, the 40-year-old might be sentenced to a further three years in prison and pay a $10,000 fine.

Possession of ammunition by a restricted person is the third accusation brought against the American rapper, according to California Penal Code 30305(a)(1) PC. If found guilty, the punishment is specified as a $10,000 fine or both, as well as a prison term of up to one year.

Lil Boosie

Source: pkbnews

Last but not least, the rapper was also accused of violating California Penal Code Section 25850 by unlawfully possessing a registered handgun. If found guilty, this offence entails a three-year prison sentence as well as a lifetime ban on gun ownership.

Following Lil Boosie’s Career

Lil Boosie, also known as Torrence Ivy Hatch Jr., was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on November 14, 1982. The rapper met rapper C-Loc for the first time through his cousin Young Dee, who grew up with him on West Garfield Street.

The Return of Boosie Bad Azz, Lil Boosie’s fourth studio album, was released on September 15, 2009, following the success of his third studio album. The rapper’s string of chart-topping albums continued with this one, reaching his second-highest chart success ever by debuting at number seven on the Billboard 200 album list.

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