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How did Fr. Kevin Mullan die? What Happened to him?

Fr. Kevin Mullan

Fr. Kevin Mullan, a parish priest formerly of Christ the King in Omagh and Langfield, Drumquin, passed away. Look at how the well-known priest Fr. Kevin Mullan passed away and Fr. Detailed the causes of death for Kevin Mullan.

Kevin Mullan


How did Fr. Kevin Mullan die?

On May 6, 2023, Langfield’s parish priest, Kevin Mullan, passed away. Several Christian organizations on social media confirmed his passing. We pray for Fr.’s soul,’ St. Davogs Dromore penned. I pray for peace for Kevin Mullan. Our condolences are extended, and parishioners who adored and will miss him dearly. He was a man of great character. Derry Feis stated, “The Committee of Feis Dhoire Cholmcille is deeply saddened to learn of Fr. Kevin Mullan’s passing. “When word of Fr. Ursula Clifford, the registrar for Feis, called Mullan’s death “heartbreaking.”. Sibeal Sharkey, my mother, was like a second mother to him. This breaks my heart. He was extremely passionate about the dancing at the feis and organizing it along with the other disciplines”.

What is Fr. Kevin Mullan’s Cause of death?

Fr. The cause of death for Kevin Mullan has not yet been made public. Regarding Fr., no information is available—end of Kevin Mullan. Medical topics have tried to contact the family and close friends for comments on the incident. No responses have been given thus far. Once there is enough data, we will update the page. Added details regarding Fr. The cause of death for Kevin Mullan will be added shortly.

Who is Fr. Kevin Mullan?

Fr. A few weeks earlier, Kevin, the late chairperson of the Derry Feis institution and former secretary, had visited the Feis for his customary Easter visit. I had just been ordained a priest at St. He was asked to take over the reins from the late Fr. Patrick’s in Pennyburn. Willie McGaughey and that was the start of his interaction with the feis. He was a qualified candidate for the position of feis secretary because of his prior experience competing in the feis as an Irish dancer. November 2020 will come, Fr. The parish priest in Drumquin, Kevin Mullan, made retirement plans. He was well known and respected for his intercommunity and ecumenical work, and he generously provided care and support to those hurt in the 1998 Market Street bombing.

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