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Pancreatic cancer survivor Maria Menounos reveals she’s recovering

Maria Menounos
Source: Fox News

Maria Menounos has shared her previously undisclosed struggle with Stage 2 pancreatic cancer. After discovering a 3.9-cm tumor in January, the former E! News correspondent underwent successful surgery in February to remove cancer, part of her pancreas, her spleen, a large fibroid, and 17 lymph nodes. 

Maria Menounos

Source: Deadline

Despite experiencing significant pain during her recovery, Menounos has been given a favorable prognosis and will only require annual scans for the next five years. 

Menounos hopes her experience will inspire others to seek medical attention for their health concerns and emphasizes the importance of early detection.

Pancreatic cancer: Brief introduction

Pancreatic cancer is a type of cancer that starts in the pancreas, a gland located behind the stomach that produces enzymes and hormones that regulate blood sugar. It is one of the deadliest cancers, with a five-year survival rate of only 10%, mainly because it often goes undetected until it has reached an advanced stage. 

Symptoms may include abdominal pain, jaundice, nausea, and unexplained weight loss. Risk factors for pancreatic cancer include age, smoking, obesity, and family history. Treatment options may include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, and early detection is critical for improving outcomes.

Treatment for pancreatic cancer:

The treatment for pancreatic cancer depends on several factors, including the stage of the cancer and the patient’s overall health. Surgery is typically the preferred treatment option for patients with localized pancreatic cancer that has not spread to other body parts. 

In some cases, chemotherapy and radiation therapy may be combined with surgery or as a primary treatment option for advanced pancreatic cancer. Additionally, targeted therapy and immunotherapy may be used to treat pancreatic cancer that has spread to other body parts. 

Maria Menounos

Source: US Weekly

Clinical trials may also be available for patients with pancreatic cancer who have exhausted other treatment options. It’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional to determine the best treatment plan for each case.

People’s reaction to this issue:

Dana M Fiscella

As soon as I saw her post, she didn’t even say PNET on Instagram; I knew right away it was NET. 💔

Thankfully it was found early & it is PNET. I hope she uses her platform to bring awareness. She’s been thru so much hell with cancers & tumors in her family & herself.

Janine Elizabeth

You have been through more than most. I pray to the Trinity that your healing continues. I know of another woman diagnosed with pancreatic cancer while pregnant. The more information people have, the better we are. I will be following your podcast and praying for you.

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