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Who was Izabella Nash? A Queensland firefighter is remembered with tributes

Izabella Nash
Source: 7News

Tragically, Izabella Nash, a firefighter from Queensland, passed away following injuries sustained while extinguishing a factory fire located south of Brisbane. Now, let’s delve into who Izabella Nash was and examine the details surrounding the incident, keep reading.

Izabella Nash


Izabella Nash: What happened to her

On Wednesday morning, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) announced that one of the three firefighters who were taken to the hospital following a fierce blaze has tragically passed away.

Izabella Nash, aged 46, was rescued by her colleagues after a fire erupted at a structure near the Pacific Highway in Slacks Creek at approximately 2 a.m. She sadly passed away in the hospital overnight on Wednesday. 

Lia Drew, another firefighter injured in the incident, remains in critical condition at the hospital. QFES posted the news of Izabella’s death on their official Facebook page as:

“The statement released by the QFES reads, “It is with heavy hearts we can confirm Fire and Rescue Service firefighter Izabella Nash has passed away overnight following a Slacks Creek factory fire yesterday morning. The thoughts of QFES are with Izzy’s family, friends, and crew members.”

Izabella Nash: Know more about her

Izabella Nash, a courageous firefighter who demonstrated outstanding bravery, is fondly remembered for her service. According to authorities, Nash was a first-class firefighter after joining QFES in 2014.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk extended her condolences to Nash’s family and acknowledged her commitment to her job and fellow Queenslanders. She remarked that Nash’s passing is a poignant reminder of frontline personnel’s daily hazards.

Nash’s colleagues recalled her as a friendly and cheerful team member who was a pleasure to be around. Mark Ryan, the Minister of Fire and Emergency Services, said her bravery will be forever remembered. 

Izabella Nash

Source: MSN

He added that firefighters demonstrate bravery and courage daily, and Nash was no exception. “Izzy did that on behalf of all of us, so for us to honor her is the least we can do for the sacrifice she’s made,” he remarked.

Izabella Nash: Cause of death

At approximately 2:20 am on Tuesday, firefighters were urgently dispatched to the Pacific Highway in Slacks Creek, located in the southern region of Brisbane, in response to reports of a fire at a pool maintenance facility.

Izabella Nash, accompanied by two colleagues, bravely entered the inferno at 2:30 am, shortly before all three were reported missing in flames. 

While her fellow firefighters were located and rescued from the blaze, it is suspected that Ms. Nash ran out of air, with her breathing apparatus possibly failing.

Ms. Nash is believed to have lost consciousness inside the burning structure before being discovered by other firefighters and evacuated outside. Senior Firefighter Lia Drew, another firefighter, remains in the hospital and is in a serious but stable condition after suffering burns and smoke inhalation.

According to QFES Deputy Commissioner Michael Wassing, the injured firefighters were working in the most hazardous section of the operation when the building became engulfed in flames and smoke.

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