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Vikki Layton: What Happened to Mark Selby’s Wife?

Vikki Layton and Mark Selby
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What happened to Vikki Layton, the wife of Mark Selby? Mark Selby is one of the most successful snooker players in the world, having won three World Snooker Championship titles, among many other accolades. However, in recent weeks, the focus has shifted from Selby’s on-table success to concerns about his wife’s health.

Vikki Layton Illness

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Vikki Layton: Is she Suffering From Any Illness? 

Vikki Layton, Selby’s wife, has been battling an undisclosed illness in recent months, leading to speculation and concern among fans and the media alike. The couple has been married since 2011 and has a daughter together. Selby, who is known for his stoic demeanor on the table, has understandably been impacted by his wife’s illness. He has spoken about the difficulty of balancing his professional career with his personal life during this challenging time but has also emphasized his gratitude for the support he has received from fans and fellow players.

Selby’s Fans Offer Support

Despite the challenges, Selby has continued to perform well on the table; reaching the semi-finals of the 2021 World Snooker Championship. However, his focus remains firmly on his family; and he has stated that he will take a break from the sport if necessary to support his wife’s recovery. Fans of Selby and the snooker community as a whole have rallied around the couple during this difficult time; offering their support and well wishes. The outpouring of love and concern is a testament to Selby’s standing in the sport; and the respect and admiration he has earned from his fellow players and fans.

Not Much Is Know About Her Illness

At this time, the details of Vikki Layton’s illness remain private; and it is unclear when or if she will make a full recovery. However, what is clear is the strength of the Selby family and the love and support; they have from their fans and the snooker community.

Vikki Layton and Mark Selby

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In conclusion, the news of Vikki Layton’s illness has understandably caused concern; among fans of Mark Selby and the snooker community as a whole. However, despite the challenges, the Selby family has shown remarkable strength and resilience during this difficult time; and they have received an outpouring of love and support from fans and fellow players. Our thoughts and well wishes are with Vikki Layton and the entire Selby family; as they navigate this challenging time together.