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Recap from General Hospital: Nina Reeves Realizes Her Revenge Action Could Harm Willow

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Nina comes to a sad realization in the GH recap for May 1, 2023. Sonny gives Nina Reeves an update on what occurred at the wedding with Carly, and she realizes she screwed up much more prominent than she anticipated.

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Highlights of the General Hospital Recap:

Also, in this episode, Laura demonstrated why she should always be an integral part of any mission to bring down Cassadine, Scott showed why he is a complete nuisance, Holly demonstrated that she can still solve a problem like Scott, and Valentin showed that he could be selfless after all. Let us look more closely at what transpired.

Let’s Make A Deal by Sonny:

Sonny (Maurice Benard) interrupted the delivery to discuss the previous transaction he performed for Pikeman, during which he was attacked. He informed them that whoever did it was attempting to defraud them. When Sonny inquired about the package, the guys representing Pikeman said it was from a third party. Sonny was skeptical that they were transporting weaponry but rather something more significant. They had Brick (Stephen A Smith) inspect it, and he declared it was a potent explosive capable of destroying an entire city block with only one Brick. 

Sonny said that he believed he was the only one taking chances. Sonny indicated they could use his docks this time, but they would have to renegotiate the terms of the agreement. He wants to know who planned the attack. He then handed over control of the situation to Brick. He directed Dex (Evan Hofer) to ensure a seamless cash exchange. Dex was watching his concealed camera. 

Brick cautions Dex not to put his confidence in anybody other than Sonny. “And you?” Brick, particularly, let him know.

Nina Reeves Is Awakened:

At The Metro Court, Nina (Cynthia Watros) approached Martin (Michael E. Knight) and inquired about his mother. He was curious why he had to visit her immediately from the airport. She requested him to drop the SEC against Carly. He informed her it was too late, and he was perplexed why she was having second thoughts. He told her that he had heard Carly had been taken in for questioning. They were unable to intervene. Martin emphasized that she did not force Drew or Carly to engage in insider trading. She just informed me of it. 

Nina went to Sonny’s office at his request. He informed her about the SEC when she inquired about the wedding. He told her about Drew trying to rescue Liesl for Willow, which exacerbated Nina’s guilt. Sonny said the individual who tipped off the SEC harmed Willow, Carly, and Drew.

Carly came to the Quartermaine mansion with an apology. Michael was confident that Ned had abandoned her. She informed them that Sonny had appeared and distracted them. Willow deduced from this that they were all still significant to Sonny. Sonny, according to Carly, is concerned about both of them. Michael said that Drew was the one who was making it happen, not Sonny, and Willow stated once again that Sonny supplied the decoy to give Drew time — that should be enough. 

Victor Receives a New Exam Subject:

Liesl (Kathleen Gati) informed Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) that the antigen was safe, but the antidote was not, and the people he wished to rescue may die. He pointed out that her great-niece Willow did not have time when she suggested it could take some time. She inquired if it was a threat, and he stated the obvious. If the antidote is delayed, her return is also delayed. He indicated there was only one way to determine whether he agreed to free her. The discovery of an intruder then disrupted them.

Robert A. Bone:

Scott (Kin Shriner) interrupted Anna (Finola Hughes) and Holly (Emma Samms) back in Port Charles. When Robert (Tristan Rogers) joined them, they realized Scott had overheard about the pathogen 10 minutes before and asked if he had done anything about it. He responded no but was enraged because he believed they were not attempting to help Liesl. He sought to coerce them into informing the WSB, unaware that doing so would cement her destiny.

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