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Who was Mr. Seed and Nimo? Mr. Seed and his Wife Escaped from a Car Accident

Who was Mr. Seed and Nimo? Mr. Seed and his Wife Escaped from a Car Accident

On Saturday night, Mr. Seed and his wife escaped from a car accident while on their way to see some land in Nanyuki. 

Who was Mr. Seed and Nimo Gachuiri?

Mr. Seed is a Kenyan gospel singer; his real name is Moses Omondi; Nimo Gachuiri was his wife; on Saturday night, they were on the way to Nanyuki in different cars.

As revealed by his wife, Mr. Seed’s marriage was not working well once she dumped him and called off the relationship. But in the end, she missed him and then married him. Now they have a son, and both are happily married.

Who was Mr. Seed and Nimo? Mr. Seed and his Wife Escaped from a Car Accident

Image Source – Nairobi News

How did the Accident Happen?

According to Mr. Seed, his car Nissan Bluebird was hit on its right side, and the car rolled over. The car was badly damaged and rolled up over the ground. In that collision, his driver broke his nose.

Just after the accident, the other car involved in the collision fled from the scene. Mr. Seed suffered from some minor injuries.

What happened to Mr. Seed?

When both cars were on the way to Nanyuki, Nimo’s car was slightly behind Mr. Seed’s car, and she saw his car had met with an accident; Nimo could not believe her eyes.

Also, she was scared, but when she saw her husband was still alive, she could not believe it; the crowd gathered near the scene, and some Samaritans took Mr. Seed to the hospital. 

Nimo took videos of these people as they were helping put them in a difficult situation. Mr. Seed had some issues due to the accident; he suffered from a pelvic fracture and was prescribed two-week bed rest.

Mr. Seed could not believe that he was alive after this accident. He was also thankful to the strangers who helped them a lot and took him to the hospital. 

Seed’s wife’s statement after the Accident

After the accident, it was hard to believe that his husband was alive, but when she saw her, she was happy and got emotional; on the other hand, she felt regret about her friends who lost their lives in the accident, and she was also relieved that some of them survived.

She cried for them and expressed her emotions to them and their family. It was a miracle for the Seed and his wife as they prayed to god for this second chance.

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