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Megan Eugenio: Famous Influencer Private Videos Goes Leaked After Phone Hacked

Megan Eugenio
Source: ABC News

On social media, popular influencer Megan Eugenio, often known as Overtime Megan, deactivated her TikTok account. This is in response to recent rumours that she was a victim of hacking.

What Happened To Megan Eugenio?

Megan Eugenio’s phone was hacked, according to a TikTok member named @noahglenncarter, who posted the information on April 28. He revealed in the video that Megan Eugenio’s personal films had been exposed online, which led her to decide to make her Twitter account private and erase her TikTok account.

Millions of people watched Noah’s video, which attracted a lot of attention. In response to the video, a number of individuals expressed their sympathies for the social media celebrity. On TikTok, influencer Megan Eugenio, 23, has 2.5 million followers.

Megan Eugenio, a 23-year-old TikTok influencer, had a sizable fan base on social media. She is well-known for posting pictures and films that primarily focus on lifestyle and fashion. She has a passionate interest in football and has shared on social media moments from NBL and NFL events that she attended.

Social Media Accounts Are Temporarily Closed

Megan Eugenio

Source: ABC News

When Eugenio first started out on TikTok, she posted lip-sync videos, montages, and dubs, which helped to increase her profile online. 2019 saw her rise to stardom, and she later worked with Laurence Marsach.

As soon as he learned that her account had been hijacked, Eugenio erased it. She removed her social media account a few days after Noah published a video of Eugenio’s account being hacked. She revealed her decision to leave social media in an Instagram story she uploaded before making the change. On her Instagram profile, however, the identical story is not now viewable.

Eugenio has previously generated news headlines. She previously became well-known after online rumours of her romance with NFL player Antonio Brown circulated. This happened after a picture of Brown with an unknown woman from his Snapchat story went viral.

Many online users believed Eugenio was the woman in the photograph, but she later addressed the issue and refuted the dating rumours. Notably, it is still unclear whether Eugenio’s TikTok account has been permanently deleted or temporarily disabled.

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