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How did Craig Chamberlin Die? Former County Sheriff Craig Chamberlin Passed Away

How did Craig Chamberlin Die? Former County Sheriff Craig Chamberlin Passed Away

Former deputy, Spokane County Craig Chamberlin, passed away on Sunday, April 30, aged 52.

Who was Craig Chamberlin?

Craig Chamberlin was born and brought up in Spokane Valley. He completed high school in 1988 and graduated with a BA in Economics degree.

Then Craig joined the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office, worked there for three years, and transferred himself to the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office. Craig spent 23 years with SCSO and later wants to run for sheriff. But in 2022, Craig withdrew his run due to criticism. 

Also, the former sheriff Ozzie Knezovich fired him because of a subsequent investigation, the accusation of lying in the internal investigation. But later, after serving as deputy for the last 25 years, Craig explored a different route toward his career; he joined SERVPRO company in Spokane County. 

How did Craig Chamberlin Die? Former County Sheriff Craig Chamberlin Passed Away

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What is the cause of the Death of Craig Chamberlin?

On April 30, Craig’s family posted death news about Craig Chamberlin. The confirmed reason behind the death is not disclosed yet, and the family does not share further details.

Authorities are trying to investigate the reason for the death.

What happened to Craig Chamberlin?

Craig Chamberlin’s daughter informs all via a post and confirms the death news of Craig. The daughters are in a difficult time. They did not believe he was gone; they lost their best friend. 

Three daughters, Courtney, Makanzie, and Carlee, have left the responsibilities and want to take care of his funeral; they also want to celebrate him and honor life with a conventional burial.

Craig’s family raise the money for the funeral from GoFundMe. Her daughter also remarks that Craig was known and loved by many people, which is devastating for them.

Tribute to Deputy Craig

People express profound emotions, sympathy, and support for Craig’s family. His Co-worker Skye Qtriz wrote some words for him, saying he was a great man and co-worker; he always had a smile on his face, even in the toughest times. And at last, he prayed for his soul and asked for support for Craig’s daughters. 

Trish wrote that, saying Craig was a good man. Also, he showed their pictures to everyone. Also, he was so proud of him. Then he prayed for the soul and blessed Craig’s daughters, and said, “Your legacy will live on for a long time.” 

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