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Former Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy Craig Chamberlin Passes Away Unexpectedly

Former Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy Craig Chamberlin Passes Away Unexpectedly

Craig Chamberlin died on April 30, 2023. He passed away very unexpectedly at the age of 52. He was a former deputy of the Sheriff’s Office.

Who was Craig Chamberlin?

Craig was born and raised in Spokane Valley. He had done his graduation from University High School and completed it in the year 1988. After graduating, he attended the University of Puget Sound because of the football scholarship.

After completion of his degree, he made his way into the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office. After spending three years there, he transferred to Spokane County Sheriff’s Office. 

When he was in Spokane County Sheriff’s Office, he was very active and engaged with the public and stood out through his ‘Ask Deputy Craig’ segments on the news.

He worked for approximately 20 years for Spokane County Sheriff’s Office and participated in many TV interviews. 

When he decided to run for sheriff in 2022, he received much criticism and was withdrawn. After investigating Craig’s behavior change, the former of the Sheriff’s Office, Ozzie Knezovich, fired him.

They stated that his main motto for running for Sheriff was to connect to political motivation.

And after giving his 25 years of his life as a deputy, Craig decided to change his career path and went to a different route.

He was employed by a company used to handle and repair the damage caused by fire, mould, and water, named SERVPRO of Spokane County.

What happened to Craig Chamberlin

Image source – KREM

Craig’s Cause of Death

Craig Chamberlin passed away at 52 on April 30, 2023. He died very unexpectedly. The cause of his death has not been enclosed yet. But people assume he might have died due to some health issues. But this is not yet confirmed what was the actual for his death.

Whether it is his health or something else. His family also didn’t tell anything related to his cause of death.

What happened to Craig Chamberlin?

The news of his death was posted on the site, GoFundMe; this site was set up to raise the money needed for the funeral. 

His family posted that, with a heavy heart, they are announcing the death of their father, who was their superhero and best friend too. They also said that he passed away in the evening. They are still shocked by the news, and his daughters, Courtney, Mackenzie, and Carlee, must do his funeral.

They also added that he was loved and known by many people, and everyone was shocked by the news of his death. 

His family also reported that his death was so unexpected and didn’t told anything about how this happened. 

May Craig’s soul rest in peace!!

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