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Who Was Haeleigh Stamper in Mississippi? A Student from Hancock High School Got Fatally Shot

Mississippi Shooting Who Was Haeleigh Stamper

A violent shooting event claimed the lives of two individuals, including Haeleigh Stamper, and maimed and disfigured many more. The Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, shootings at the House Party have shocked and traumatized the community. The incident has aroused criticism and worry about the safety of young people attending similar gatherings. Haeleigh Stamper and De’Arreis “DD” Smith’s deaths have saddened their family and friends.

Mississippi Shooting Who Was Haeleigh Stamper1


Who Was Haeleigh Stamper in Mississippi?

One of the two victims killed in the current tragedy was Haeleigh Stamper. Haeleigh Stamper was one of several victims of a horrible shooting that killed two people, injured many more, and left lifelong scars on countless more. Lillie’s GoFundMe page to aid with Haeleigh Stamper’s family’s funeral costs has received an outpouring of support.

Haeleigh died tragically after being shot three times while attending an after-prom function. Her gentle and welcoming demeanor was well-known, and her gorgeous smile usually brightened the room. By donating to Haeleigh’s GoFundMe page, the community has come together to support her family. Furthermore, the donations will cover services and other costs the family may incur during this trying time. People from all around the globe have shared the page and shown their support for Haeleigh and her family.

Haeleigh Stamper got Murdered:

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, is in shock after the horrific shooting during a House Party in the early hours of Sunday morning. De’Arreis “DD” Smith, 18, and Haeleigh Stamper, 16, both Hancock High School students, died from the event. At least four additional people were hurt and were treated for their injuries.

Cameron Everest Brand, 19, was apprehended and charged six counts of aggravated assault. According to the Bay St. Louis Police Department, two gunshot victims have died since Brand’s arrest.

The incident occurred at 12:34 a.m. on Sunday at a House in the Gulf Coast town, some 30 miles west of Biloxi. The community is in sorrow and looking for answers after the horrific occurrence. Many people are baffled about how such a senseless act of violence could happen. Both victims’ families and friends are dealing with unimaginable grief and are receiving community support during this trying time.

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