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What You Should Know About the New Miss Philippines Yllana Marie Aduana?

Yllana Marie Aduana
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The Philippines has delegated its 2023 agent for the eco-centred Miss Earth, one of the major worldwide magnificence expos.

Aduana Wins Miss Philippines 2023

At a glittering event on Saturday night in Toledo, Cebu, Yllana Marie Aduana, 24, a medical technology graduate, defeated 27 other contestants to win Miss Philippines Earth of the year 2023. She was crowned by Jenny Ramp, the previous holder of the title.

Aduana, who represented the province of Laguna at the same pageant in 2021 and finished in the Top 10, was the initial favourite of the crowd.

Yllana Marie Aduana

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At the opposition, where applicants are expected to promote their eco-qualifications, she talked about her non-benefit, Edukasyon for Each Juan, which means to assist in the battle against the environment with change and to teach individuals about environment reality. For the final round, Aduana wore a dress made by fashion designer Ken Batino out of 5,000 safety pins.

She added through her Instagram handle that she has to be as nurturing, compassionate, loving, and hope-providing as mother earth, as a woman and as an Earth warrior. Going on, she added that like a security pin, people keep basic things intact and also hold the earth together as women.

What Was Aduana Asked?

During the final round of questions and answers posed to the Top Five, Aduana was asked about what individuals, later on, said regarding her age.

To this, she replied that she would say that her age, even though misinterpreted as extremely fervent, she would need to say that we utilize our voices for an explanation and that is to constantly support the things that people know are correct and for the things that people realize we merit.

She also added that for that reason people were exceptionally vigorous about it and because the future is the linebackers and pioneers of environmental improvement, people should always take advantage of it at all costs. She went on to say that she was also holding seminars on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and how they are connected to nature to raise people’s eco-consciousness.

Aduana Is All Set To Compete In Miss Earth 2023

Adjusting the Best 5 were “natural sovereigns” Athena Auxillo of Toledo City, who was named Miss Philippines Air, Miss Philippines Water Sha’uri Livori of Fil-Com Melbourne, Australia; Miss Philippines Fire Puerto Princesa City’s Jemimah Joy Zabala, and Miss Philippines Ecotourism was Mangatarem’s Kerri Reilly.

Aduana competed in Binibining Pilipinas which was held last year in addition to Miss Philippines Earth which was held in the year 2021, where she placed in the Top 12. The Philippines’ representatives in the Miss World, Miss Universe, and Miss International contests are chosen through the national competition.

She will now get ready for the Miss Earth 2023 competition, which will be held later this year in Vietnam. The date hasn’t been set yet. Mina Sue Choi, a South Korean, is the current Miss Earth. She was crowned in Manila last year.

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