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Tim Bachman, A Member of the Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Died at 71

How did Tim Bachman die

Tim Bachman, the guitarist who co-founded the Canadian rock band Bachman-Turner Overdrive with Fred Turner, Randy, and Robbie Bachman in 1973, died on April 28, 2023. 

How did Tim Bachman die1


What Happened to Tim Bachman?

Tim Bachman, 71, died on April 28. He was a co-founder and guitarist for Bachman-Turner Overdrive (BTO). He died three months after his drummer brother Robbie was also away. His drummer brother, Robbie, died in January at 69. Randy Bachman and Fred Turner are still alive.

After having a heart attack in the middle of the night in 2008, Tim Bachman had quadruple bypass surgery.

Tim Bachman, Who Was He?

Canadian Tim Bachman gained notoriety as a guitarist and singer for the rock groups Brave Belt and Bachman-Turner Overdrive (BTO). BTO got founded by Fred Turner (vocals), his siblings Randy and Robbie, and Bachman. Over 30 million records have been sold worldwide by the group. Tim Bachman played guitar in a few Winnipeg-area bands, with his younger brother Robbie on drums in many of them. After considering that the Winnipeg music scene had become stagnant, he took a job and began attending college.

He returned to music in 1972 when his older brother Randy wanted to add a second guitar to the Brave Belt lineup. This occurred after Chad Allan’s departure, leaving Brave Belt with just three members. Bachman authored or co-wrote many songs during his tenure with Brave Belt and BTO, including “Put It in a Song” for the Brave Belt II album, “Down and Out Man” for the first BTO album, and “Blown” and “I Do Not Have To Hide” for Bachman-Turner Overdrive II.

Bachman left BTO in 1974, following the release of Bachman-Turner Overdrive II, to spend more time with his family and concentrate on tour marketing. However, his brothers claim that he got fired for violating Randy Bachman’s on-the-road lifestyle guidelines, which included abstaining from alcohol and drugs. Blair Thornton got appointed to his job. He re-joined BTO for a 1984 reunion record and accompanying tours, including a well-known world tour as Van Halen’s opening act.

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