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Samuel Maina aka Biggie death explained : For ferrying stolen sheep, a man was burned alive inside a car

Samuel Maina
Source: Facebook

A resident of Nanyuki, Samuel Maina, was burnt alive by the angry mob. Samuel, also known as Bigge, died in a mob lynching event in Kenya; keep reading to learn more about this event.

Samuel Maina: How did he die

Samuel Maina

Source: Facebook

A family residing in Nanyuki is mourning the death of one of their own, who was set on fire by an enraged crowd inside his father’s vehicle. Samuel Maina, also known as Biggie, was engaged in his routine transportation business when suspected of transporting stolen sheep.

However, the mob did not listen to his version of events. The false allegation that the vehicle was carrying stolen livestock had incited the mob.

Samuel Maina, aka Bigge: Cause of death

This morning, a driver from Kenya named Biggie and his truck were burned alive on suspicion of transporting stolen sheep near a Bantu lodge. Biggie was defenseless and suffered severe injuries at the hands of an angry mob before being set on fire inside his father’s car.

Many Kenyans have expressed their outrage and are demanding justice in response to this tragic incident.

According to reports, Biggie had informed his father before embarking on the sheep transportation task. However, he got caught in heavy rain on his way back, causing delays. This delay prompted some people to accuse him of carrying stolen sheep.

As the crowd gathered, those making the accusations fled, leaving Biggie alone to face the angry mob’s wrath, who demanded that they burn the truck.

When Biggie hesitated, the mob attacked him with rocks and other objects. They then dragged him into the truck and subjected him to brutal beatings before setting it on fire.

Mob lynching: A growing concern

Samuel Maina

Source: DNA India

Mob lynching incidents are a growing concern in many parts of the world, including India, Africa, and the United States. These incidents involve people attacking and killing someone they believe has committed a crime or wrongdoing, often without legal justification.

There are many reasons why these incidents are on the rise. One major factor is the increasing polarization and divisiveness in society.

People quickly demonize and dehumanize those they perceive as different or holding opposing beliefs. This leads to a lack of empathy and understanding and an increased willingness to resort to violence.

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