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After An Attack in a South Carolina Park Left 11 People Injured, Teenagers were Detained

South Carolina Park Shooting

The Richland County Sheriff’s Department said that a shooting happened in the early hours of Saturday morning in Meadowlake Park in South Carolina, injuring approximately eleven persons. Before 1:20 a.m., deputies were notified of a big gathering of youths in the park. When they arrived, most of the crowd had already dispersed.

South Carolina Park Shooting1


According to dispatch, several people who had been shot began arriving at nearby hospitals. At least eleven persons were hurt; nine were shot, one got struck by a car, and another had a hand injury.

Shooting in South Carolina Park:

Miquise Fulwiley, 19, was identified as the driver, and his 18-year-old passenger, Ty’Quan Kelly, was detained when officials pulled them over in connection with the South Carolina shooting. Miquise Fulwiley got accused of many offenses, including unauthorized firearm carry, simple marijuana possession, and failing to stop for blue lights.

On the other hand, Kelly was charged with marijuana possession and improperly carrying a firearm. Students from several high schools in the vicinity attended the conference at Meadowlake Park, although it was not a park-sponsored event.

The reason for the shooting remains unknown, and the inquiry is continuing. Police are looking for the shooter. A check of the car showed the existence of a pistol, and authorities are trying to figure out whether the gun got used in the park incident.

Following the investigation, the sheriff expressed dissatisfaction with the bond court system, which he claims is too lenient. He mentioned that Kelly had been out on bond for gun offenses for an extended period in the previous month. The sheriff called for bond reform, and the probe is still underway.

Miquise Fulwiley Ethnicity And Family:

Fulwiley’s family has chosen to keep their information private and avoid involvement in the case. Due to the lack of public data about his family, the adolescent lived alone with another suspect. 

The two suspects, Ty’Quan Kelly and Miquise Fulwiley, do not seem to be related. The cops suspect they are pals who have committed previous crimes. Based on publicly accessible images, the suspect looks to be of Black ethnicity. His ethnicity, however, has not been disclosed.

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