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Wee Willie Harris, Legendary Rock ‘n’ Roll Singer, Passes Away at Age 90

Wee Willie Harris Die
Daily Express

Charles William Harris was known as Wee Willie Harris. Wee Willie Harris was a notable British rock and roll singer.

Recently, the news of the death of Wee Willie Harris came to the fore, after which a wave of mourning started in the music industry. Wee Willie Harris died on April 27, 2023. Wee Willie Harris was 90 years old at the time of his death.

After hearing the news of Wee Willie Harris’ death, many celebrities and fans expressed their grief and posted tributes on social media.

Legend Wee Willie Harris was well-recognized for his energetic TV performances, and stage shows starting in the 1950s when he was famous as “Britain’s wild man of rock ‘n’ roll”.

Wee Willie Harris was born in Bermondsey, London, England, on 25 March 1933.

Wee Willie Harris Cause of Death

The Mirror

Wee Willie Harris started performing at The 2i’s Coffee Bar in Soho.

Wee Willie Harris lived and performed with pianists, including Adam Faith, Tommy Steele, and Screaming Lord Sutch.

In December 1957, Wee Willie Harris released his debut single, “Rockin’ At the 2 I’s”

Wee Willie Harris became famous as a TV show performer and for live performances after his debut single.

Wee Willie Harris was known for his energy, multicolored dyed hair, and clothing, which included “larger-than-life-size jackets that looked like coat hangers still inside, tight drainpipe trousers, and a huge polka-dot bow tie”

Other critics wrote that: “He spins like an exploding Catherine wheel, growls, screams and has what sounds like severe hiccups”.

In 2005, Wee Willie Harris appeared in the “Never Mind the Buzzcocks” comedy music quiz program as a “mystery guest”.

In 1958, Wee Willie Harris released his debut EP, “Rocking With Wee Willie”. In 1960, Wee Willie Harris also released his second and last EP, “I Go Ape”.

Wee Willie Harris released five albums- Wee Willie Harris Goes Ape (Ace 178, 1986), Rag Moppin’ (Pollytone, 2003), I Go Ape (Arton, 1962), Twenty Reasons To Be Cheerful (Fury, 2000), and I Go Ape – Rockin’ With Wee Willie Harris (Rollercoaster, 2018).

Wee Willie Harris also released some songs like “Love Bug Crawl”, “No Chemise, Please!”, “Better To Have Loved”, “Walk With Peter And Paul”, “Little Bitty Girl”, and more.

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