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Family Pay Tribute to Warwick Tollemache Who Didn’t Return From The Cruise

Warwick Tollemache Dead
Image source- Daily

After search efforts were suspended, the devastated family of a Queensland man who went overboard while on a cruise to Hawaii and died at sea has posted touching tributes.

What Happened With Warwick Tollemach

35 years old Warwick Tollemache, of Brisbane, recently disappeared from the Quantum of the Oceans voyage transport on Wednesday night, which is located many kilometers south of the Hawaiian islands.

After discussing Tollemache’s chances of survival with his family and finding no trace of him, the US Coast Guard called off the aerial and marine searches on Friday.

Warwick Tollemache Dead

Image source- The

Mandy Tollemache informed about the incident through his official social media handle and said that their family was shattered at the loss of their cherished Warwick. He added that every person who knew him adored him because he was a kind, beautiful, and gentle soul, and he will be profoundly missed.

According to a statement, search and rescue mission coordinator Kevin Cooper said that the decision was influenced by discussions with the man’s next of kin and the Australian consulate as well as relevant case information.

He said that the coast watch has pursued the hard decision to suspend the dynamic quest for the traveller on board the Quantum of the Oceans. On the west coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, the incident took place in the Pacific Ocean, approximately 800 kilometres south of Kailua-Kona.

The coast guard took over the search on Wednesday morning after the cruise ship deployed six life rings and remained in the vicinity for two hours. While on the scene, a Coast Guard C-130 Hercules crew conducted five searches for six hours.

Know About The Cruise Accident

After 15 days at sea, the cruise ship docked in Honolulu as passengers were getting off. Susan Whittington, one of the passengers, said that when they were awoken in the night by the ship shaking to a halt, they were given little information about what had happened.

She said that they were curious about what was going on, and then over the intercom, someone said that a passenger had gone overboard. She also said that they gave up hope that anything would come of it because it was almost impossible to see anything in the water, it was very troubling and there weren’t much of subtleties after that.

Tollemache’s family is receiving assistance from the Department of Foreign Affairs. Royal Caribbean, a cruise line, has been concomment.or comment.

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