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Who is Jasmine Hartin? Tory donor’s daughter-in-law accused of killing police officer in Belize

Jasmine Hartin
Source: The Daily Beast

Jasmine Hartin, a Canadian socialite, pleaded guilty to manslaughter of a police officer. On 26th April, Jasmin was found guilty over the death of Henry Jemmott, a police officer in Belize. To know more about this incident, keep reading this article.

Jasmine Hartin: Know more about Canadian socialite

Jasmine Hartin


Jasmine Hartin is a Canadian socialite who made headlines in May 2021 after being arrested in Belize for the shooting death of police superintendent Henry Jemmott. Hartin, the daughter-in-law of British billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft, was reportedly socializing with Jemmott on a pier in San Pedro when the incident occurred.

She was later charged with manslaughter by negligence and spent several weeks in custody before being granted bail. The case garnered significant media attention, with many speculating about the circumstances surrounding Jemmott’s death and Hartin’s possible involvement.

Some reports suggested that the two were romantically involved, while others indicated that Hartin had been handling Jemmott’s service weapon at the time of the shooting. Hartin has maintained her innocence and claimed that the incident was an accident.

A popular Socialite, Jasmine Hartin, met Andrew Ashcroft, the son of billionaire Michael Ashcroft in 2015. Hartin has two children with her now estranged partner named Andrew. Hartin is the director of her partner’s luxury Alaia resort in Belize.

Public reaction over this issue :

Jasmine Hartin

Source: Yahoo News

Nina Coulson

How did she shoot him behind the ear “by accident” when handing him a gun.
Your head is way higher then your arm and surly they were facing each other?

Phil Davies

“Hartin said that after handling Jemmott’s service weapon, she gave it back to him when it suddenly went off, shooting him behind the right ear.” The dumbest thing I’ve heard, how can you say your handing a gun to someone and they got shot from behind. Something not right.

Mj Brown

The queen  of Belize love this women when you have a woman like her know police officer will go to your house in Belize city haha police killer thank

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