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Blazer Beaumia, the Quarterback for Roane County High School, Perished in a Traffic Collision

Blazer Beaumia death

Blazer Beaumia, a Kingston High School student from Roane County, was killed in a horrific vehicle accident Friday night. With his digital obituary, people may learn about the Roane County High School students’ accident and the death of #12 Quarterback Blazer Beaumia. Several RCHS students were hurt in the collision that killed Blazer Beaumia. Unfortunately, Blazer was the most severely harmed and died.

Blazer Beaumia death1


What was the Identity of Blazer Beaumia?

Roane County High School, more commonly referred to as Kingston High School, was where Blazer Beaumia, 15, attended. Beaumia, born in 2008, was a member of the school’s football squad and played Quarterback (QB). In official games, he wore the number twelve jersey.

He was also a lively and active NLC member. Blazer Beaumia was admired by his classmates and adored by his family. He also participated in marathons, baseball, and other sports.

What Became of Him?

Blazer Beaumia, a Roane County High School student, perished in a fatal vehicle accident near Swan Pond on Tuesday, April 25, 2023. When their automobile collided, he and three other students from his school were inside.

Beaumia was immediately sent to the closest hospital. The physicians, however, proclaimed him dead. The other wounded pupils are being treated but are in good health.

What Caused the Death?

Doctors verified that Blazer Beaumia died due to the terrible injuries he got in the car accident. He died before first responders could get him to the hospital. He was severely injured in the collision.

Obituary of Blazer Beaumia:

On social media, tributes to RCHS student Blazer Beaumia have arisen, with his friends and others who knew him send their respects. Everyone will miss him.

Currently, Blazer Beaumia’s obituary remains to be written. His family is planning funeral arrangements which will be made public soon. Blazer Beaumia was a talented student and athlete. He was always full of life and enthusiastically participated in every sport. He had his whole life to shine.

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