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Anthony Watts shot and killed: Dylan Arrington is on the Lookout.

Anthony Watts shot and killed

According to officials in Mississippi, pastor Anthony Watts was killed while attempting to assist a man who had wrecked a stolen motorcycle in Jackson and was thought to be an escaped detainee.

Anthony Watts shot


Anthony Watts shot and killed:

While attempting to assist a man, Anthony Watts was shot and killed. According to the Jackson Police Department, officers were dispatched to “unknown trouble” along Interstate 55 around 7 p.m. on Monday. The police reportedly found a man lying face-up on the road. Anthony Watts, 61, was, according to them, the man’s name. According to the investigation findings, Watts stopped to assist another man whose motorcycle appeared to have broken down just moments earlier. St. Mary’s Missionary Baptist Church in D’Lo, Mississippi, was led by Watts as its head pastor. Police said the suspect shot Watts a few times before taking his red Evade Smash 1500 truck.

Suspect Dylan Arrington is watching out:

Officials watched while the man suspected of killing Anthony Watts, Dylan Arrington, eluded capture. The suspect, Dylan Arrington, 22, allegedly shot Watts multiple times and stole his red Dodge Ram 1500. The vehicle had the Mississippi tag SP14067, a tan trim, and a Ranchers sticker on the front and back. According to Brown, the car was last seen traveling south on I-55 in Terry. JPD has issued arrest warrants for Arrington because of his armed status and potential danger.

What was said by the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office?

Representatives know about a homicide and carjacking that happened Monday night, as the Hinds District Sheriff’s Office chiefs indicated. They guaranteed South Jackson was burglarized by a 2011 Evade Smash 1500 in maroon with a tan stripe and the Mississippi tag SP14067. Sharon Grisham-Stewart, Hinds County Coroner, confirmed that she attended a homicide on Monday night on I-55 S. Frontage Road, close to Old Byram Road in Jackson, according to the source. She claims that the shooting was reported around 7 p.m.

The casualty was recognized as 61-year-old Anthony Watts of Simpson Area. The Hinds County Sheriff’s Office released the following statement regarding the homicide on its Facebook page. The investigation is currently being conducted by the Jackson Police Department, which has not made any public statements to confirm any aspects of the incident. Nevertheless, we have been communicating to acquire additional information for the investigation. We have gotten in touch with our federal partners, who are aggressively looking for escapees. A suspect has not been identified based on the information we have been given, and no public description of the suspect has been made available. Due to the lack of knowledge, confirming that one of the escapees is responsible for the JPD’s investigation into this incident is impossible.

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