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What Happened To Former Javelin Thrower Fatima Whitbread?

Fatima Whitbread
Image source- Daily

The retired javelin thrower first appeared on the show in 2011, and viewers might recall the now-famous incident in which a cockroach got stuck in her nose. She has recently been in the news because of her injury, read more to know about it.

Know About What Happened To Fatima Whitbread

As of late, it was accounted for that Fatima Whitbread additionally engaged in a mishap. What has been going on with her? Social media has been abuzz with the news ever since it broke. People have begun asking questions about it in the interim.

Fatima Whitbread

Image source- Athletic

Fatima Whitbread, a 62-year-old Olympian, recently disclosed that the supermodel would not be the only one to suffer in the jungle camp in Kruger National Park. Fatima Whitbread has now lost her eyebrows along with her eyelashes due to the incident, and she said it was an awful experience because it can be very cold in the camp at night, but she was standing over the fire all day.

Telling more about her experience, she told that standing over a furnace like that eventually dried out her skin and cut her eyebrows. She was worried that Janice, the friend who accompanies her to the camp, would fall. The two friends expressed their excitement to return to the camp despite having accidents.

I’m a Celebrity was recorded in South Africa last summer, and the broadcasting of the pre-recorded episodes has begun. One episode as of now has been broadcast. When asked about the show, she stated that she thought the audience was going to be thoroughly entertained.

Telling more, she stated that she believed there’s a touch of all that will keep them snared and watching different big names in the camp like Shaun Ryder, DJ Jordan Banjo, Paul Burrell, Amir Khan, Tune Vorderman, Phil Tufnell, and Helen Flanagan.

Who Is Fatima Whitbread?

MBE Fatima Whitbread is a formerly Vedad British retired javelin thrower, who was born on 3rd March of the year 1961. She became the first British athlete to break a world record in a throwing event when she threw 77.44 meters in the qualifying round of the European Athletics Championships in Stuttgart in the year 1986.

The following year, Whitbread won the European championship and the gold medal at the World Championships in the year 1987. Moreover, she is likewise a double cross Olympic medallist, winning bronze at the 1984 Summer Olympics and silver at the 1988 Summer Olympics. In the year 1987, she won the title of BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

After a troublesome youth, Fatima Vedad was taken on by the group of Margaret Whitbread, a Lance mentor. Whitbread qualified for the 1978 Commonwealth Games, where she placed sixth, and she went on to win the intermediate title at the English Schools’ Athletics Championships in the year 1977. The next year, she took gold at the 1979 European Games Junior Titles.

She had a well-publicized rivalry with Tessa Sanderson, another British javelin athlete, throughout her career. A shoulder injury that lasted a long time, which Whitbread thought was caused by her world record throw in the year 1986, hurt her later career. Her final competition was the UK Athletics Championships in 1990, where she suffered a second shoulder injury. She officially withdrew from the competition in the year 1992.

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