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Who Is Lakam Chiu Why Is She In News Headlines?

Who Is Lakam Chiu?
Image source- Inquirer

Lakam Chiu is the sister of Kim Chiu, and she is at the centre of attention because of her new ailment. What we know about her is further in this article.

Kim Chiu, a Filipina actress, model, host, singer, dancer, and vlogger who is managed by Star Magic, ABS-CBN’s in-house talent agency, is the sister of Lakam Chiu. In addition, Lakam appears to be a model for Instagram because she has amassed a sizeable fan base on her Instagram handle, which is @kamchiu.

What do You need to Know About Lakam Chiu?

After being perceived as the sister of Kim Chiu, everybody has been anxious to be aware of who is Lakam Chiu, however, the reality isn’t accessible on the public stage.

Who Is Lakam Chiu?

Image source- PKB

Chiu became famous as Kim’s sister, who was born on 19th April of the year 1990, and Kim will be 33 years old this year. Kim is said to be the fourth of the five children, with Lakam being one of them. William Chiu and Louella Chiu, the Chiu siblings’ parents, raised them in the Philippines.

Since their divorce in the year 1998, their parents are no longer together. According to reports, Kim’s relationship with both of her parents was dysfunctional. The children were raised by their paternal grandmother after their parents split up.

What Disease Has Lakam Chiu Been Diagnosed With?

Lakam Chiu, who is Kim Chiu’s sister, was recently hospitalized due to an illness which is unknown and everyone has questions about it. However, Kim has not shared anything, possibly for privacy reasons.

Kim revealed on 19th April that her sister’s death affected her birthday celebration, she was then taken to the hospital in a hurry. When Kim broke the news to the rest of the world, she started getting a lot of messages from fans wishing Lakam a speedy recovery. The post has also received sweet messages from several famous people.

Lakam Chiu’s most recent health update revealed that when she regained consciousness, she was moved from the intensive care unit to the regular room. As everyone was asking questions about Lakam’s condition, Kim shared the update with the world via her Instagram story.

Kim went on to say that she prayed for her sister’s recovery while she was at Padre Pio Church. She then went to the hospital, and her sister inquired about the situation.

Following that, Kim was blissful, and she likewise expressed gratitude toward every individual who persistently petitioned God for her sister during the trial. Lakam’s quick recovery has also been called a miracle by the doctors.

In addition, she is still recovering and is constantly receiving messages from numerous individuals. Lakam is also on Instagram, where she has posted numerous posts about her way of life.

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