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Steven Crowder Shocks Fans By Announcing Divorce From Wife Hilary

Steven Crowder Divorce
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Political pundit and YouTuber Steven Crowder uncovered that he and his better half, Hilary, are getting a separation following 10 years of marriage.

Steven Announced His Divorce On a Podcast

During a Tuesday episode of his podcast named “Louder with Crowder,” Crowder announced his divorce. Crowder stated that he had been living with a proverbial boot on his neck for going on years and stated that he had been going through an increasingly horrible divorce since the year 2021.

Steven Crowder Divorce

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Crowder made it clear that he and his wife did not break up because of infidelity or physical abuse. He continued that the decision of divorce was not his choice, as his then-spouse concluded that she would have rather not been hitched any longer and in the territory of Texas.

Crowder described the divorce as his deepest personal failure and described it as the most devastating experience of his life. He said that he and his ex-Hilary chose to keep the issue hidden for the security of their two youngsters.

What Did Crowder Say About The Divorce?

Talking about his divorce from Hilary, Crowder stated that in all of this, there was one certain thing, that his children won’t be affected by it.

Crowder claims that he has been dealing with the divorce for years, even though the divorce has not yet been finalized.

Crowder stated that he loved Hilary so much that he married her.

However, the lady who was his wife did not want to withstand all of this, he loved her as the mother of his youngsters, but she needed something different in her life. Moving on, he said that it was not his choice, she simply desired to leave, as the law stipulates.

Crowder’s Perfect Marriage is No More

Crowder praised his then-wife as the most beautiful woman in the world in photos after the couple tied the knot in August of the year 2012.

In addition, he wrote about the advantages of abstinence before marriage in waiting till the wedding night and getting married the right way. Before the wedding, Steven told his fans he had been energetically sitting tight for his big day since youth.

The news sources caught the podcaster saying that the wedding he had with Hilary was perfect, and the night of his wedding was nothing short of spectacular. The young, unmarried, and naive Christian couple received jest, jest, and jest.

He added that he and his wife would surely never come to the wedding without schtupping, and on the off chance that they did, their wedding night would be abnormal and awful, he said.

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